6 Madden 19 Money Plays That Will Guarantee A First Down

Money Play #2: Levels

More than just a pretty catchy Avicii song, the Levels concept in Madden 19 is a set of high-percentage plays that can often net a vigilant player 10 or more yards at a time.

Look to the top of the diagram above. Your first two reads will be the two receivers running those dig routes over the middle of the field. Yes, it is inherently a little more dangerous to throw over the middle. No, you shouldn't freak out about this.

The first thing to pay attention to here is the defensive scheme. Above, it appears as if the receiver running the shallower route is being marked in man-to-man coverage, given how close the defender is to the line. This means that, more than likely, when the receiver cuts to the middle of the field, he'll be wide open.

The other two defenders on that side of the field look to be in zone coverage, so when the receiver running the deeper dig route makes his cut, the defender will have a decision to make. That's when you make the throw. 

The timing here is key. Ideally, you want to get the receiver the ball right as he crosses past the quarterback, but that's not always feasible. It's much more important to make sure you're throwing the ball at a time (and to a place) where a defender can't get a hand up and disrupt the play.

It can be stressful to throw when there's a lot of traffic nearby, but be patient, survey the scene, and 90% of the time, you'll be taking 7-15 yards to the bank on this play.

Source: Coach Hoover Football

Published Aug. 17th 2018

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