Hogwarts Legacy: How to Use Protego

Wondering how Protego works or what button it's assigned to in Hogwarts Legacy? We break down the useful spell in this guide.

Protego is a powerful defensive spell in Hogwarts Legacy. Knowing how and when to use it is an integral part of duels and important in combat encounters. Indeed, it's essentially the game's version of blocking, and it also ties into what amounts to parrying with Stupify. The spell can also be used offensively to stun enemies and give you a damage buff. If you're here, you're wondering how to use it. 

Hogwarts Legacy Blocking and Parrying Explained

What Button is Protego? 

Like dodge rolling, Protego is mapped to a single button in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • PlayStation: Triangle
  • Xbox: Y
  • PC: Q

These are the default buttons, but you can change those inputs in Hogwarts Legacy if you choose. Head over to our how to change controls in Hogwarts Legacy guide for more info. 

How Protego Works: Blocking and Counterattacking with Stupify

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The primary function of Protego in Hogwarts Legacy is to defend yourself from enemy attacks. All difficulties present you with a glowing gold halo around your witch or wizard when you can initiate it.

On Story and Easy difficulties, this also includes a button prompt appearing and slowing time. Normal and Hard remove the button prompt (leaving the halo) and drastically reduce the amount of time you have to initiate Protego before getting hit.

When you activate this blocking mechanic, a blue sphere will encircle you, reflecting both ranged and melee damage. 

Protego's greatest power, however, conceivably lies in its ability to cast Stupify and empower your basic magic casts.

To cast Stupify, which you learn automatically during the first hour in Hogwarts Legacy during the Protego tutorial, hold Triangle/Y/Q When prompted to use it. Your witch or wizard will block the incoming attack and automatically hit the enemy with Stupify, stunning them momentarily. 

More useful, perhaps, is the damage buff conferred by combining the spell with Stupify. Your next several hits will deal critical damage to any enemy you attack, not just the one stupefied. 

With that in mind, it's important to use Protego whenever possible, and it's more important to chain it with Stupify to quickly knock down opponents, whether in duels or in the open world. For more guides, check out our Hogwarts Legacy tips page.

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Published Feb. 15th 2023

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