Wild Hearts Trophies and Achievements List

Looking for a full list of all the Trophies and Achievements in Wild Hearts? They're all here.

Wild Hearts is a big game with dozens of kemono monsters to hunt, armor and weapons to craft, and strange worlds to explore. There are 48 total trophies and achievements to collect if those are your thing, and while some of them are easy enough, others could take you dozens or hundreds of hours to unlock. We're listing them all here.

Every Trophy and Achievement in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts follows the path many AAA games do these days and ties some of its achievements and trophies to completing specific story milestones. Still, with all the kemono monsters and variants you'll be hunting, expect the harder ones to take time. We'll list all available trophies and achievements by rating/score, starting with bronze/lower score and going up from there.

Bronze/15 GamerScore

  • Artful Assister — Provide assistance 5 times.
  • Axer of Auspice — Deliver Minato from disaster.
  • Bewitched by Bathing — Develop every different restorative bath.
  • Big Spender — Spend 30,000 on goods from the store.
  • Bonds of Enmity — Hunt the fateful kemono.
  • Budding Conjuror — Conjure 200 basic karakuri.
  • Canyon of Karakuri — Conjure 30 dragon karakuri in Akikure Canyon.
  • Charmed by the Hunt — Gather your first talisman from the wilderness.
  • Commencing of Quests — Complete your first quest for a citizen of Minato.
  • Counter Specialist — Deflect 20 kemono attacks using fusion karakuri.
  • Distance Devourer — Travel a distance of 10,000m by karakuri.
  • Fair Means or Foul — Inflict a status ailment upon a kemono 20 times.
  • Fusion Conjuror — Conjure a fusion karakuri 50 times.
  • Helpful Heart — Revive a fellow hunter online for the first time.
  • Hidden History — Obtain your first document.
  • Human Believer — Reach the limits of human-path affinity by modifying armor.
  • Jack of All Trades — Obtain 90 seals from Nobumitsu.
  • Karakuri Fortress — Conjure 30 dragon karakuri at Fuyufusagi Fort.
  • Karakuri Isle — Conjure 30 dragon karakuri on Natsukodachi Isle.
  • Karakuri Minato — Conjure 15 dragon karakuri in Minato.
  • Karakuri Trail — Conjure 30 dragon karakuri along the Harugasumi Way.
  • Kemono at Heart — Reach the limits of kemono-path affinity by modifying armor.
  • Kemono Hunter — Finish 30 kemono.
  • Land of the Rising Sun — Reach Azuma.
  • Left Arm Leverager — Activate your "hunter's arm" 30 times.
  • Man-Machine Master — Use a karakuri attack 100 times.
  • Master of the Skies — Fly 150 meters with a glider.
  • Memory Rouser — Awaken 20 types of karakuri.
  • Mighty Marmelizer — Finish a mighty kemono inside 5 minutes.
  • Mountain Splitter — Face the mighty kemono.
  • Quintessence of Form — Enhance one tsukumo form to the maximum.
  • Snare Specialist — Catch 100 creatures in the wilderness.
  • Style Seeker — Dye armor for the first time.
  • Subsistence Skills — Complete your first food processing.
  • Team Hunter — Complete 20 quests online.
  • Tender Touch — Pet a small kemono 30 times.

Silver/30 Gamerscore

  • Expert Conjuror — Conjure 1000 basic karakuri.
  • Flawless Crystal — Finish a kemono before it can land a single attack on you.
  • Haven Hunter — Open up all possible camps.
  • Reincarnation Cycle Stopper — Discover the end of the story.
  • Relentless Kemono Hunter — Finish 300 kemono.
  • Single Minded — Finish 50 kemono with a single weapon type.
  • Superlative View — Complete all building extensions and restorations.
  • Threaded Harmony — Enlarge a single dragon pit as much as possible.
  • Unrivaled in Arms — Obtain an extremely valuable weapon.
  • Volatile Vocation — Hunt your first deeply volatile kemono.

Gold/80 Gamerscore

  • Tsukumo Whisperer — Befriend 200 tsukumo.
  • Vanquisher of the Volatile — Hunt a deeply volatile kemono in all areas.

Platinum (for PlayStation users)

  • WILD HEARTS — Obtain all trophies.

Like we said: some of these are doozies and will take either immense patience, great skill, or some combination of the two. The core gameplay loop of Wild Hearts is good enough that, and you'll spend a fair amount of time grinding if the game captures you. For help with some of the tasks you'll be taking on, check out our Wild Hearts guides hub.


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Published Feb. 15th 2023

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