Pokemon Shuffle Mobile unlimited Facebook hearts cheat doesn't work anymore

Unwilling to wait and unwilling to shell out real money, a number of players have been using this hack to stock up on unlimited hearts - but not anymore!

If there's one constant in the life of a freemium games player, it is an interminable wait time in between games - for whatever reason, whether you need time to build a castle, recharge your stamina, or in the case of Pokemon Shuffle Mobile, getting your hearts back.

The 3DS game made the jump to iOS and Android only a few weeks ago, but there have already been a number of people who have found cheats and workarounds in this match-3 mobile game. 

The Facebook hearts cheat is the most well-known of the recent wave of game exploits. Since PSM has integrated the app with Facebook so that players can send mini hearts to their friends, and in turn will regain hearts as well, with just a little phone-time manipulation, the player could gain an unlimited number of hearts with the following method:

  1. Send hearts to all your Facebook friends who play PSM.
  2. Use your home button and then open your phone settings to Time and Date settings. 
  3. Set the date to one day before, then open PSM again.
  4. Press the main Options menu (bottom right corner), then close them.
  5. Open your Facebook friends list again and you should be able to send them all mini hearts again, which will in turn gain you more hearts of your own.

This is quite similar to a long-running Candy Crush Saga cheat that allows you essentially an unlimited number of lives. 

Unfortunately for most players trying to jump on the cheat wagon to avoid paying for items and/or skip the long wait times between heart recharges, this Facebook cheat no longer appears to work

(If you have been able to find out otherwise, please leave a comment and let me know!)

This might be just as well because PSM is cracking down on illegal activity.

Of course, this particular announcement was posted with regards to players altering their high scores in the competitive stage rather than about Facebook hearts but the threat of crackdown is still there. If you're not keen on losing all your hard work, playing properly is still the best strategy.

If you're on the hunt for some legit free stuff, check out Pokemon Shuffle Mobile and 3DS Passcodes for free stuff that expire in September, before the end of the month! 

(Currently only the Lucarionite crystal is available for the mobile version, but this list will be updated if any more pop up.)

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Published Sep. 29th 2015

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