Food Fantasy Complete Recipe Guide With Ingredients

Not sure how to make that beef tartare or bacon tofu wrap? We show you every single Food Fantasy recipe across all four specialties!

Gacha summoning meets restaurant sim with Food Fantasy as you work feverishly to develop new recipes, keep customers happy, and destroy fallen angels out in the wilderness.

Blindly trying to develop dishes with random ingredients is a major pain, and the process is made much worse by the timers in the dish development area. If you want to skip all the trial and error (and endless waiting) just reference our complete Food Fantasy recipe list below to get started making better meals!

Just getting started and not sure how freshness works in the restaurant or how cooking talents differ from individual soul skills? Check out our full Food Fantasy beginner's guide here instead.

Food Fantasy Recipes Guide

Keep in mind you can only make recipes from your specific culinary expertise chosen at the beginning of the game, as well as the special "Lost" section of recipes. The other two specialties are off limits to you, so there's no point in trying to make them off the lists below.

To improve recipes for better restaurant tips, tap the Research button in the restaurant area and then make the dish repeatedly (adding seasonings when you find them). To make these dishes often enough to improve them you will need to grind combat areas for ingredients.

Below we list out every recipe, along with what ingredients are needed to develop them and what stage(s) where those ingredients are found.

 Improving Sukarajima recipes

Sukarajima Recipes

These recipes are all about skill and finesse, elevating simple ingredients into something delicious. You'll cook everything from the lowly baked potato all the way to piglet daifuku and sought-after Food Fantasy Tamagoyaki and Beef Tartare.

Recipe Ingredients Stage
Baked Potato   Potato  1-3
Grilled Pork Belly   Pork Belly  1-6 
Cucumber Salad   Cucumber  2-2
 Boiled Lettuce  Lettuce  3-1
Salmon Sashimi  Salmon  4-2
 Mushroom Yaki  Mushroom, Butter  7-3, 7-8
 Beef Tartare  Egg, Beef Tenderloin  5-3, 5-6
 Tamagoyaki  Carrot, Egg, Shiitake  3-1, 5-2, 6-8
 Omurice  Egg, Rice  5-2, 8-2
 Shogayaki  Pork Loin, Onion  9-2, 9-5
 Bacon Bites  Bread, Cheese, Bacon  4-4, 6-2, 10-3
 Cold Tofu  Tofu  10-6
 Grilled Corn  Corn, Cream  11-2, 11-7
 Vegetable Tempura  Eggplant, Shiitake, Flour  2-7, 6-8, 12-2
 Takoyaki  Octopus, Flour, Caggabe  11-4, 12-2, 3-5
 Creamed Spinach  Cream, Spinach  11-7, 13-6
 Apples and Cream  Cream, Apple  11-7, 15-1
 Chicken Skewer  Green Pepper, Diced Chicken  6-6, 16-5
 Fried Chicken  Egg, Flour, Whole Chicken  5-2, 12-12, 16-6
 Mango Smoothie  Cream, Mango  11-7, 17-3
 Strawberry Smoothie  Cream, Milk, Strawberry  11-7, 12-5, 18-2
 Peanut Butter Crisp  Milk, Flour, Peanut  12-5, 12-2, 19-3
 Cod Fillet  Butter, Starch, Cod  7-8, 13-9, 22-2
 Piglet Daifuku  Egg, Flour, Red Beans  5-2, 12-2, 19-5
 Pumpkin Muffin  Honey, Red Beans, Pumpkin  14-6, 19-5, 20-5
 Yam Dumplings  Rice Flour, Purple Yam  20-7, 21-3
 Unagi Don  Rice, Eel  8-2, 22-5
 Lobster Sashimi  Rock Lobster  23-5
 Crab Sashimi  King Crab  24-2


Gloriville Recipes 

These are your classic American-leaning recipes that are all about flavor and full fat dishes that don't skimp on anything, from French fries to roast chicken and even pizza.

Recipe Ingredients Stage
 French Fries  Potato  1-3
 Crispy Pork  Pork Belly  1-6
 Salad  Cucumber, Lettuce, Carrot  2-2, 3-1, 3-5
 Eggplant Roll  Potato, Eggplant  1-3, 2-7
 Smoked Salmon  Salmon  4-2
 Roast Beef  Beef Tenderloin  5-6
 Cheese Soup  Bread, Cheese  4-4, 6-2
 Mushroom Soup  Shiitake, Mushroom, Butter  6-8, 7-3, 7-8
 Fried Rice Cake  Egg, Rice  5-2, 8-2
Pork Burger   Lettuce, Bread, Pork Loin  3-1, 4-4, 9-2
 Bacon Tofu Wraps  Bacon, Tofu  10-3, 10-6
 Grilled Calamari  Green Pepper, Onion, Octopus  6-6, 9-5, 11-4
 Popcorn  Butter, Corn  7-8, 11-2
 Shortbread  Flour, Butter, Milk  2-2, 7-8, 12-5
 Minestrone  Cabbage, Spinach, Starch  13-5, 13-6, 13-9
 Pineapple Juice  Pineapple, Honey  14-2, 14-6
 Apples Crisp  Flour, Apple  12-2,15-1
  Chicken Pizza  Diced Chicken, Cheese, Apple  16-5, 6-2, 15-1
 Roast Chicken  Whole Chicken  16-6
 Mango Wrap  Cream, Flour, Mango  11-7, 12-2, 17-3
 Fruit Salad  Pineapple, Strawberry  14-3, 18-2
 Peanut Pie  Egg, Flour, Peanut  5-2, 12-2, 19-3
 Pumpkin Soup  Milk, Pumpkin  12-5, 20-5
 Hotteok  Milk, Red Beans, Rice Flour  12-5, 19-5, 20-7
 Cheesy Yam  Cheese, Purple Yam  6-2, 21-3
 Fried Cod  Egg, Flour, Cod  5-2, 12-2, 22-2
 Fried Unagi  Egg, Flour, Eel  5-2, 12-2, 22-5
Baked Lobster   Cheese, Rock Lobster  6-2, 23-5
 Crab Salad  Lettuce, King Crab  3-1, 24-2 


Light Kingdom Recipes

These recipes are all about using vegetables, fruit, and fish in interesting ways from steaming to frying and baking.

Recipe Ingredients Stage
 Stir Fried Potatoes  Potato  1-3
 Braised Pork  Pork Belly  1-6
 Braised Eggplant  Eggplant  2-7
 Sauteed Lettuce  Lettuce  3-1
Carrot Bread   Carrot, Bread  3-1, 4-4
 Cucumber Egg Stir-Fry  Cucumber, Egg  2-2, 5-2
 Black Pepper Beef  Beef Tenderloin, Green Pepper  5-6, 6-6
Sauteed Mushrooms   Shiitake, Mushroom  6-8, 7-3
 Egg Fried Rice  Egg, Rice  5-2, 8-2
 Salmon Fried Rice  Salmon, Rice, Onion  4-2, 8-2, 9-5
 Onion Fried Rice  Rice, Pork Loin, Onion  8-2, 9-2, 9-5
 Bacon Fried Rice  Carrot, Rice, Bacon  3-1, 8-2, 10-3
Braised Octopus  Green Pepper, Octopus  6-6, 11-4
 Risotto  Cheese, Rice, Cream  6-2, 8-2, 11-7
 Butter Bread  Egg, Butter, Flour  5-2, 7-8, 12-2
  Emerald Roll  Cabbage, Spinach  13-5, 13-6
 Corn Pie  Corn, Starch  11-5, 13-9
 Toffee Apple  Starch, Apple  13-9, 15-1
 Pineapple Fried Rice  Rice, Pineapple  8-2, 14-3
  Chicken Soup  Shiitake, Whole Chicken  6-8, 16-6
 Mango Pudding  Egg, Milk, Mango  5-2, 12-5, 17-3
 Strawberry Ice Cream  Cream, Milk, Strawberry  11-7, 12-5, 18-2
 Red Bean Pudding  Milk, Red Beans  12-5, 19-5
 Kung Pao Chicken  Diced Chicken, Peanut  16-5, 19-3
 Pumpkin Pie  Honey, Pumpkin, Rice Flour  14-6, 20-5, 20-7
 Sweet Yam Buns  Egg, Flour, Purple Yam  5-2, 12-2, 21-3
 Steamed Cod  Tofu, Cod  6-8, 22-2
 Steamed Unagi  Shiitake, Eel  6-8, 22-5
 Garlic Lobster  Rock Lobster 23-5 
 Crab Hotpot  Shiitake, Tofu, King Crab  6-8, 10-6, 24-2


Lost Recipes

Rather than discovered through the development screen, these recipes are earned by completing specific mission objectives noted in the table below.

Recipe Level Mission
 Calamari Skewer  5  Make 5 recipes
Garlic Oysters  8  Submit 5 Calamari Skewers
 Grilled Prawns 10   Cook C rated recipes 8 times
 Pickled Salmon Head 12  Challenge Parisel stage 1-1
 Tomato & Eggs 14  Complete Mischief 3 times
 Steamed Mushrooms 16   Challenge Parisel stage 1-2
 Spaghetti 18  Complete 2 Take-out orders from Gloriville
 Har Gow 20  Develop recipes 2 times 
Gold Cake  22  Complete all daily missions
 Mixed Greens 24  Challenge Parisel stage 4-2
 Stir Fried Mussels 26  Serve 100 regular customers in your restaurant
 Mushroom Alfredo 28  Re-collect 15 Low-Grade Screws
 Cah Siu Bao 30  Make 10 recipes of any kind
Spinach Noodles  32  Challenge Parisel stage 6-2
 Mint Pineapple 34  Complete 5 Take-out orders from Gloriville
 Apple Sangria 36  Collect and submit 10 Spinach
 Braised Lamb 38  Bring any Control series talent into battle
 Mushroom Chicken Stew 40  Challenge Spring Outskirts 9-2
 Matcha Cake 41  Defeat 20 Dine and Dash customers
 Cappucino 42  Re-collect 50 Mints
 Fruit Tea 44  Complete all daily missions
 Lemon Pie 45  Develop recipes 3 times
Meat Zongzi  47  Challenge Spring Outskirts 12-2
Stuffed Lotus Root  49  Submit 20 Lemon Pies
 Lotus Root Stir Fry 50 Complete 10 orders From Nevras
Black Fungus Congee  52  Collect and submit 10 high-quality Seasoning


Have you found any other recipes that we missed? Let us know in the comments and we'll get them added, and be sure to check out our other Food Fantasy cheats and tricks here!

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