Does Resident Evil 4 Remake Have Photo Mode?

The upcoming remake of Resident Evil 4 will have a heaping helping of features the original 2005 version didn't. Read to find out if a photo mode is included.

Survival horror fans are eating good. We've already devoured the Dead Space remake; now, the Resident Evil 4 remake is right around the corner. Out on March 24, 2023, for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, the upcoming action horror game is a re-imagining of the 2005 genre-defining classic. With the improved visuals and additions, you may be wondering if it has a photo mode.

Whether you've played the original or not, you surely have dozens of burning questions about the upcoming Resident Evil title. Thankfully, the developers at Capcom have already given answers to some of the most wondered-about topics concerning the new Resident Evil 4. Importantly, they have given an answer regarding the inclusion of a photo mode. 

Does Resident Evil 4 Remake Have Photo Mode? -- Answered

Resident Evil 4 will have a photo mode, Director Yasuhiro Ampo and Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi told Game Informer (thanks!) in a rapid-fire session. Though it was confirmed that there will be a photo mode in the RE4 remake, no further details were given by the developers. This interview also confirmed other features like New Game Plus and DualSense haptic feedback for the PlayStation 5 version. 

Photo modes allow you to pause the action and take stunning screenshots, often providing you with tools to edit and filter the image. Many modern games launch with photo modes, but some get them in post-release patches like God of War: Ragnarok. Thankfully, with the news there will be a Resident Evil 4 photo mode, there will be no waiting beyond release for those interested in taking screens of this survival-horror remaster. 

Featured image by Capcom.


Published Feb. 22nd 2023

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