Battlerite EX Abilities Guide

We're going to lay out all the EX abilities for the Battlerite Champions and their key combinations.

If you're playing the team-based arena brawler Battlerite from Stunlock Studios, you're already well aware of the three main types of abilities in the game: Basic, EX, and Ultimate.

While Ultimates are obviously the most powerful moves, they use all of your energy and are to be used very wisely. EX abilities can be used more freely than Basic, but are "upgraded versions" from Basic. The key combinations are simply SHIFT+ (Basic ability), and have the same cool-down as whatever Basic ability you are using for the EX.

This guide will lay out all the EX abilities for the Battlerite champions, as well as lay out all the key combinations.

Battlerite's Ranged EX Abilities

  • Searing Fire (SHIFT+SPACE)
    • Turn into Pure Fire for 4 seconds and deal 10 damage to nearby enemies, knocking them back while you make your way to target location.
    • Cost: 50/Cool down: 9s/Cast time: 0.1s
  • Molten Chains (SHIFT+Q)
    • Summon a lava stream that stuns enemies with Petrify for 3 seconds.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 8s/Cast time: 0.5s
  • Siphon Life (SHIFT+LMB)
    • Channel a beam for 2 seconds that deals 32 damage and draws 32 health from enemies.
    • Cost: 50/Cool down: 1s/Cast time: 0.2s
  • Arcane Ward (SHIFT+Q)
    • Create a shield around an ally for 2.5 seconds that absorbs up to 24 damage and restores up to 10 weapon charges if destroyed.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 8s/Cast time: 0.1s
  • Flame Thrower (SHIFT+LMB)
    • Channel a flame thrower for 2.5 seconds that does 50 damage and Ignites enemies affected by Oil.
    • Cost: 50/Cool down: 0.3s/Cast time: 0.3s
  • Concussion Shot (SHIFT+E)
    • Fire a shell that deals 10 damage and Incapacitates enemies for 3 seconds.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 8s/Cast time: 0.5s
  • Snap Shot (SHIFT+RMB)
    • Shoot a bullet that deals 12 damage and Roots enemies for 1.5 seconds.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 6s/Cast time: 0.4s
  • Smoke Veil (SHIFT+Q)
    • Go Stealth, get a Fading Haste, and provide all nearby allies with a Shield that absorbs up to 32 damage for 2.4 seconds.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 10s/Cast time: 0.1s
  • Seeker's Arrow (SHIFT+LMB)
    • Shoot a piercing arrow that hits the target repeatedly to deal 8/8/8 damage.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 1s/Cast time: 0.6s
  • Predation (SHIFT+Q)
    • Disappear for 1 second, in this time your movement speed increases by 100%. If you run into an enemy, you inflict Seeker's Mark, dealing 6 damage and giving you 14 health. Removes any movement impairing effects.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 12s/Cast time: 0.1s
  • Spinning Boomerang (SHIFT+RMB)
    • Throw a boomerang that does 16 damage, which returns and does 24 damage while inflicting Stun on enemies for 0.7 seconds.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 6s/Cast time: 0.4s
  • Zephyr (SHIFT+Q)
    • Rush at enemies and execute a spin attack, dealing 16 damage and knocking them back.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 9s/Cast time: 0.1s
  • Hand of Punishment (SHIFT+RMB)
    • Inflict Judgement and Corruption for 4 seconds with a projectile that deals 12 damage while healing you for 6 health.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 1.5s/Cast time: 0.4s
  • Crush (SHIFT+E)
    • Spawn an exploding shard at the target location that deals 12 area damage and knocks enemies back.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 5s/Cast time: 0.3s

Battlerite's Melee EX Abilities

  • War Stomp (SHIFT+SPACE)
    • Incapacitate enemies for 2.5 seconds by jumping in the air for 0.75 seconds and landing hard, dealing 8 damage.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 9s/Cast time: 0.1s
  • Shield Slam (SHIFT+E)
    • Rush forward and slam an enemy to deal 12 damage, pushing them back and inflicting Fading Snare for 2.5 seconds.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 8s/Cast time: 0.2s
  • Sludge Spit (SHIFT+RMB)
    • Launch a projectile that deals 10 damage, inflicts Toxin, and reduces enemy's range of vision by 80% for 4 seconds.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 6s/Cast time: 0.3s
  • Deceit (SHIFT+Q)
    • Become invisible and gain Fading Haste. Attack with Blade Flurry Incapacitate your opponent and allow you to Camouflage yourself.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 10s/Cast time: 0.1s
  • Shock Vault (SHIFT+SPACE)
    • Gain increased movement speed as you bound towards target location. 
    • Cost: /Cool down: s/Cast time: s
  • Thunderslam (SHIFT+E)
    • Leap into air and slam your mace into the ground to deal 12 damage, inflict Static and Fading Snare. Additional 6 damage to enemies affected by Static.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 7s/Cast time: 0.1s
    • Imbue your weapon with determination to cause the next 2 Sword Slashes to summon Slicing Winds for up to 3 charges max. Deals 10 damage to opponents and gives you 14 health.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 0s/Cast time: 0.5s
  • Tectonic Shock (SHIFT+E)
    • Split the ground with your blade to deal 10 damage, which forces opponent into the air for 1 second. This Incapacitates the opponent for 2 seconds upon landing.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 9s/Cast time: 0.6s
  • Eat (SHIFT+LMB)
    • Eat meat to gain 16 health, plus an additional 24 health over the next 4 seconds.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 1s/Cast time: 0.4s
  • Meat Bolt (SHIFT+RMB)
    • Strike with a Meat Bolt that does 24 damage and also Snares enemies for 2 seconds at a 50% Snare Value.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 7s/Cast time: 0.5s
Ruh Kaan
  • Reaping Scythe (SHIFT+SPACE)
    • Draw life force from nearby opponents to deal 30 damage and leech 30 health over 1.8 seconds.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 15s/Cast time: 0.2s
  • Claw of the Undying (SHIFT+E)
    • Hurl a claw that gives 24 health to an ally and pull them to you. 
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 7s/Cast time: 0.3s
  • Tempest Rush (SHIFT+SPACE)
    • Become immaterial and increase movement speed by 50% for 1.7 seconds. Spear Slash hits increase your health by 14 per hit, but you do 50% less damage.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 14s/Cast time: 0.1s
  • Harpoon (SHIFT+E)
    • Launch a harpoon that does 14dmg and pulls an enemy towards you, inflicting 100% Snare for 0.5 seconds. Can also be used on walls.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 10s/Cast time: 0.35s

Battlerite's Support EX Abilities

  • Deadly Injection (SHIFT+LMB)
    • Launch a bolt that inflicts Deadly Injection upon hit.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 1s/Cast time: 0.4s
  • Petrify Bolt (SHIFT+E)
    • Hurl an exploding bolt to inflict Petrify for 3 seconds on enemies within range. 20 point Petrify Shield.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 10s/Cast time: 0.5s
  • Chrono Bolt (SHIFT+LMB)
    • Fire a projectile that deals 16 damage and knocks target away. All damage is done instantly when you consume Sands of Time.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 0.2s/Cast time: 0.5s
  • Chronoflux (SHIFT+Q)
    • Set up a time rift at the target location, which reduces movement speed and deflects projectiles.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 8s/Cast time: 0.1s
  • Overflow (SHIFT+LMB)
    • Recharges your weapon for 4 seconds.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 0.9s/Cast time: 0.4s
  • Unstable Bubble (SHIFT+E)
    • Spawns a bubble at target location that reduces enemy projectile speed and acts as a barrier for anyone inside the bubble. Explodes after the 1.5 second duration to deal 26 damage and knock enemies back.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 10s/Cast time: 0.2s
  • Vomit (SHIFT+RMB)
    • Vomit on enemies to deal 8 damage and knock them back. Also inflicts Root for 1.5 seconds, as well as Moth.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 4s/Cast time: 0.2s
  • Brain Bug (SHIFT+E)
    • Infest enemy with Brain Bugs that allow you to control their movement. If you recast, it compels the affected enemy to run to the target location at 60% increased speed.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 10s/Cast time: 0.7s
  • Soul Transfer (SHIFT+SPACE)
    • Bring forth a spirit that deals 16 damage or heals allies for 20 health. Additionally, you and the target will swap locations on impact. If you recast, you can teleport to the spirit if no one is hit.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 8s/Cast time: 0.2s
  • Soul Drain (SHIFT+Q)
    • Creates a rift that drains 15 health and disrupts nearby enemy's next ability cast for 0.5 seconds, which inflicts Panic for 1.2 seconds and increases target's movement speed by 15%. Panic damage limit is 16.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 10s/Cast time: 0.1s
  • Crescent Gale (SHIFT+LMB)
    • Summon a Crescent Gale to deal 24 damage and inflict Snare for 2.2 seconds at 30% Snare value.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 0.5s/Cast time: 0.7s
  • Celestial Rift (SHIFT+SPACE)
    • Teleport to target location and deal 14 damage to area enemies while also healing nearby allies for 14 health and recharging your weapon.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 9s/Cast time: 0.2s

And that's it! What are your favorite Battlerite Champions and EX abilities? Let us know in the comments below!


Published Apr. 23rd 2017

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