Hay Day Guides: The Animal Shelters on the Farm

A simple guide to Animal Shelters on your farm!

Hay Day farms are havens for both working and non-working animals. You can purchase, and are sometimes given, animals you can use around the farm.

You need a place to keep the animals you have around the farm. These buildings are called Animal Shelters. Each shelter is a safe haven for a specific number of animals and costs a specific amount of coins.

Some of the different types of Animal Shelters are available more than once and the cost increases with each shelter you add.http://hiddenshadowsguides.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/hay-day-animals.jpg

Below we talk about each type of Animal Shelter you can get to make your Hay Day farm more fun and profitable to operate.

The Hay Day Goat Yard

  • 1st Goat Yard costs 1000 coins and is unlocked at level 32
  • Hay Day farmers can have up to 3 shelters for goats
  • Each shelter houses up to 4 goats
  • Farmers can build a second Goat Yard at level 37 and the third at level 50

Hay Day Sheep Pastures

  • Hay Day farmers have access to their first Sheep Pasture at level 16
  • Each shelter can hold up to 5 sheep
  • Sheep grow wool which can be removed and used in the Loom to make goods
  • First Sheep Pasture costs 300 coins
  • Can build a second sheep shelter at level 26

The Stable

  • Each Hay Day Stable houses up to 3 horses
  • Costs 10000 coins to build first Stable
  • Can build up to three Stables

Donkey Stables

  • Houses up to 2 donkeys in each pen
  • Hay Day farmers can only build 1 Goat Stable
  • Unlocks at level 43
  • Costs 25000 coins to build

The Hay Day Pig Pen

  • Costs 150 coins to build first pen
  • Unlocks at level 3
  • Houses up to 5 pigs
  • Can build up to 3 enclosures

Hay Day Chicken Coops

  • Unlocks at level 1
  • Costs 5 coins to build first Chicken Coop
  • Build up to 3 shelters
  • Each houses up to 6 chickens

Cow Pastures

  • Hay Day Cow Pastures hold up to 5 cows each
  • Can have as many as 3 pastures for cows
  • Unlocks at level 6
  • Costs 20 coins to build first pasture

Hay Day Dog Houses

  • Costs 1000 coins to build first Dog House
  • Can build up to 2 Dog Houses
  • Each holds up to 3 dogs
  • Unlocks at level 20

Cat Houses

  • Hay Day farmers can build up to 2 Cat Houses for the farm
  • 3 cats can live in each shelter
  • Costs 500 coins to build first shelter
  • Unlocks at level 21

Building as many Animal Shelters as you can. This adds to the farm and makes it a nicer place for animals to live and work.

Time to start building!

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Published Jun. 29th 2017

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