Persona 4 Golden Cutscene Stutter Fix

Here is a working fix for the Persona 4 Golden cutscene stutter bug.

The Persona 4 Golden cutscene stutter bug has been vexing players since the game launched on Steam. But, of course, some players have already found a potential fix for the issue. The guide below will outline a fix from Steam user John Hadley, which seems to be one of the best so far. 


Persona 4 Golden Cutscene Stutter Fix

Hadley has figured out that the problem is connected with the high-quality of the cutscene video files. His solution is to re-encode them to a smaller size. Luckily, you can download all of the video files by following this link.

Once you've downloaded the archive, which is 556 MB, follow these steps as outlined by Hadley:

  1. Close Persona 4 Golden if it's running
  2. Open Steam in regular mode
  3. Go to your game library
  4. Right-click on Persona 4 Golden
  5. Select Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files
  6. Copy all three "*.pac" video files from the archive into the game's folder
  7. Rewrite the old files if needed

You also want to save the old files in a separate folder before doing this in case this method doesn't work for you.

Also, if you don't know how to switch your Steam from Big Picture Mode to regular mode, then follow these steps:

  1. Open Steam in big picture mode
  2. Go to "Settings"
  3. Select "Interface" in the Display menu
  4. Uncheck "Start Steam in Big Picture Mode" option
  5. Restart Steam

Next time you start, Steam it will open in a regular mode.

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Published Jun. 22nd 2020

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