Immortals Fenyx Rising: Taking Cerberos for a Walk Vault Guide

Here's how to complete the Taking Cerberos for a Walk Vault in Immortal Fenyx Rising, one of the trickier Vaults on The Golden Isle.

There are dozens of Vaults in Immortals Fenyx Rising for players looking to soak in more of the game's puzzle-filled world, but one of the vault puzzles that has stumped many players is Taking Cerberos for a Walk. 

If you're looking for some help, this guide will lead you through all three phases of the Vault, plus show you how to take a detour and unlock the bonus chest inside the Taking Cerberos for a Walk Vault. 

Taking Cerberos for a Walk Vault Location

To find this Vault, fast travel to The Archives in The Valley of Eternal Spring. Head north from there. The Vault will be just after a Hydra statue (multi-headed monster). Defeat the enemies guarding it and jump on in.

Taking Cerberus for a Walk Vault Solution

When you arrive in the Vault proper, you'll find it is a Level 2 difficulty on a scale of 3. However, it should be noted that without a few particular abilities, the vault is much more challenging, if not impossible. To smooth this process over, make sure you've first unlocked Are's Wrath and the Heavy Lifting upgrade if you plan to grab the bonus chest before you hit the finish line.

The Vault is broken into three phases, with checkpoints dividing them.

The first section is quite simple. Spawn the wooden crate with the button in front of you and carry it to the pressure pad at the end of the hall.

You'll notice that you can jump when holding a wooden crate, but don't overlook the second gap in the floor. You'll need to put the crate down near the edge, jump across empty-handed, then turn to lift the crate again.

Once the crate is on the pressure pad, a platform will move toward you and sit by the edge. Stand on it, then bring the crate with you. This will move the platform back to where it was and keep the crate intact.

You can't make the jump and carry it, so leap up empty-handed again, then turn to pull it up with you once more. Put the crate on the next pressure pad, then continue across the newly formed path to the checkpoint.

Here you'll see three buttons. Press each of them in any order and you'll get a wooden crate, a rock cube, and a metal cube.

How to Get the Vault's Bonus Chest

If you'd like to grab the vault's bonus chest, follow these additional steps. If not, keep scrolling for the rest of the main Vault solution.

With the pressure point in front of you, spawn the wooden crate, the rock cube, and the metal cube. Throw the metal cube over to the pressure plate to move the pillar platform toward you. Then grab the rock cube and get on the pillar platform. Set the rock cube down and grab the wooden crate.

Stack them on top of each other like a totem pole on the pressure plate. Climb to the top of this pile and double-jump. Then use Are's Wrath to perform a superpowered triple jump.

Stick the landing on the otherwise tricky ledge and turn right. Press the switch, and you'll see a heavy metal cube adorned with a face.

Using the heavy lifting ability, pick this cube up and chuck it at the pressure pad above and beside where it sat. It should land where you expected (or otherwise respawn if it falls off the edge), thus opening up the room to the bonus chest. Once more double-jump, use Are's Wrath-jump, and glide over to the chest to unlock a cosmetic item.

Taking Cerberus for a Walk Vault Solution Continued

Getting back to the main Vault puzzle, carry the rock cube to the far left side and aim it across the vast gap at the double pressure pad there.

When the rock lands, it should smash into two usable pieces. If it doesn't, fly over and throw it against the wall and ensure you have two smaller rock cubes. Once you do, place each of the smaller rocks on a pressure pad. 

This will create half of the platform staircase you need, as you'll see it rise in the middle of the area.

Head back to the other cubes and grab the metal one next, taking it to the far right side opposite where the rocks are sitting. Aim it at the singular pressure pad across the gap and you'll likely get it to stick right on that pressure pad, finishing the staircase.

Take the wooden crate with you and jump up the staircase, and use the pressure pad by placing the crate there, giving you a path to the final checkpoint.

Now you'll have two more buttons, spawning a rock cube and a wooden crate respectively. Immediately move the wooden crate to the stationary platform on your right.

Then throw the rock cube across the gap, once more giving yourself two smaller cubes perfect for pressure pads.

Glide across and put one cube on the pressure plate in front of you, building a staircase up which you can carry the other cube.

Place that second cube on the other pressure pad at the top of the wraparound formation, and you'll see this moves the platform where you left the wooden crate.

Now you can grab the crate plus both rock cubes and pull them up to the top of the highest platform. Set each one on three more pressure pads spotted there, and you'll light up the purple crystals and activate the wind columns. 

Follow these wind columns up to the end of the puzzle, unlock your chest, and revel in your victory. The Taking Cerberos for a Walk Vault is complete, and you'll have another piece of Zeus' Lightning to upgrade your stamina! 

That's all you need to know about completing the Taking Cerberus for a Walk Vault in Immortals Fenyx Rising. For more tips, tricks, and strategies, including how to find all Legendary Monsters and solutions to all of the game's Lyre puzzles, head over here


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Published Jan. 23rd 2021

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