MapleStory 2 Launches with Loads of Events, New Class

MapleStory 2's launch has plenty of surprises for head start players and newcomers alike.

Whether you've waited to play MapleStory 2 until full release or you nabbed a Founder's Pack last week to get headstart access, today's an exciting day to be playing the successor to Nexon's classic MMORPG.

MapleStory 2's launch day is here, and with it comes a lot more than just pre-registration rewards.

Those who played during the game's betas or during the Founder's-only head start campaign can log in today and start grinding their characters up from Level 50 to the new level cap of 60.

Today also marks the release of the new Runeblade class, a melee spellcaster. The Runeblade is the game's ninth class, and will not be the last.

Along with the raised level cap and shiny new class is the new Karkar Island area consisting of 20 total new maps, several new Normal and Hard mode dungeons, and a whole slew of events to keep any Mapler busy through the next month.

Be sure to read all the patch notes if you've been playing before release, it's a bigger patch than you might imagine.

MapleStory 2 is just different enough from the original game to make it fresh, and all the minigames, housing features, and social aspects certainly make it a strong contender if you're looking for a more casual and social MMORPG.

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Published Oct. 10th 2018

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