How to Spare Bosses in Sifu

If you want to learn how to spare bosses in Sifu, and unlcok a secret true ending, then follow our guide right here.

If you thought Sifu was a great fighting game with an excellent story and game mechanics, then you will love it even more when you realize you can get Sifu's true ending on your second run by sparing all the bosses instead of killing them.

This guide will show you how to spare bosses in Sifu, and unlock the secret ending. Note that this option becomes possible only after you finish the game once. You will need to start the story again and that's when you will have an option to spare their lives.

How to Spare Bosses in Sifu

When you beat the bosses on your first run, you don't really focus on the structure gauge, which is a white gauge under the enemy's health bar. Of course, you need to deplete it in order to damage the boss, but that's not the main point during your first run.

While the secret to sparing bosses during your second run hides exactly in that white structure gauge. So focus on that white gauge, while following these steps:

  1. Start the fight as usual by breaking the boss' structure
  2. Once the boss is in execution mode, the takedown prompt will appear
  3. Do nothing, but wait for the prompt to disappear
  4. Start the second phase of the fight
  5. Now only parry the boss' attacks without attacking yourself
  6. Break his structure again with parrying only
  7. When the new prompt appears, press Left on the D-Pad or Left Arrow on keyboard to spare the boss

Once the boss is spared, you will see a new cutscene each time and receive a reward for each spared boss:

  • Fajar: Wood Talisman (Muk Yan Master trophy)
  • Sean: Fire Talisman (Tiger on Fire trophy)
  • Kuroki: Water Talisman (Source of Flying Daggers trophy)
  • Jinfeng: Metal Talisman (Iron Money trophy)
  • Yang: Earth Talisman (Legendary Talismans of Wuxing trophy)

In order to get the true ending you need to deplete the final boss Yang's structure gauge a third time after all the steps listed above, finishing him off with the takedown in the final third phase.

That's all you need to know on how spare bosses in Sifu, and get the secret true ending. Also, be sure to read our official Sifu review right here!


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Published Feb. 10th 2022

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