How to Break Metal Boxes & Other Boxes in Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Refresh yourself on all the different types of crates there are in the Crash games to make the most out of your platforming adventure.

As you jump, spin, and belly flop your way through Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, you may come upon some items that you are unfamiliar with. Some crates, for example, require special techniques to be opened.

In this short guide, we'll go over how to break each type of box you come across in these remastered Crash games -- starting with metal boxes. 

How to Break Metal Boxes in Crash Bandicoot

Unfortunately, boxes that are strictly made of metal (Iron Crates) are not breakable by any of Crash's attacks. They are mostly used as obstacles for platforming and navigating the levels. 

Locked Boxes, Which Also Have Metal, Are a Different Story

Locked Crates look similar to metal crates, but are actually breakable. They are the wooden boxes surrounded by metal locks that can be seen starting in Crash 2. Rather than using Crash's spin attack, break these boxes by doing a belly flop on top of them. These crates tend to have special rewards inside of them, so they're well worth your time to break!

How to Break Other Types of Boxes in Crash Bandicoot

Aside from unbreakable metal boxes and very breakable locked boxes, he most common boxes you will see are Basic Crates -- standard wooden boxes that can be broken witha  spin attack to obtain Wumpa Fruits. There are many variations of this crate that offer different rewards and effects. Here's the breakdown for each type:

? Crates: Cn either contain an extra life or more Wumpa Fruit. 

Bounce Crates: These boxes look similar to Basic Crates, but are marked by vertical lines surrounding them. Jump on these crates to bounce higher. 

Aku Aku Crates: These crates are marked with Aku Aku's mask, as the name would suggest. Breaking one open will give you an Aku Aku mask that will protect you from one hit. Remember: getting hit without a mask will immediately kill you, so be sure to make these crates a priority! 

  • Checkpoint Crates: Break this crate to create a checkpoint where you will respawn if you die
  • Arrow Crates: Like the Bounce Crates, these boxes will allow you to jump higher if you jump onto one. However, they will also generate Wumpa Fruit each time you bounce. 
  • Crash Crates: Breaking these crates open nets you an extra life.
  • Slot Crates: These crates randomly sort through a number of different crate types. Breaking one will grant you the reward that was most recently shown on the exterior. 
  • TNT Crates: The red TNT crates will explode upon attacking it, killing Crash instantly. If you jump on these crates, a timer will start before it explodes. 
  • Nitro Crates: Just touching these green crates ensures sure disaster, so avoid them!
  • Nitro Switch Crates: Hitting these crates will destroy all of the other Nitro Crates in the level.


That wraps up this guide! If you want more help with the game, check out the rest of our Crash Bandicoot guides for other tips and tricks:


Published Jul. 13th 2017

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