Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: Raiders of the Lost Shark Quest Walkthrough

In the Raiders of the Lost Shark quest in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, you're returning loot rather than...looting it. Mostly. Learn how to complete your task in this walkthrough guide.

One of the mid-game quests in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, Raiders of the Lost Shark, sees you combing through a wrecked pirate ship for the captain's lost pearls. The reward for completing the quest is the Sharklescent Ring, which increases Melee damage by 15% and cycles through elements.

This walkthrough guide to Tiny Tina's Wonderlands breaks down how to complete the Raiders of the Lost Shark quest.

How to Complete the Raiders of the Lost Shark Quest in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

You'll want to be around Level 20 or more before starting the Raiders of the Lost Shark quest in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. As it takes place in Wargtooth Shallows, you'll need to complete Emotion of the Ocean to even access it.

Raiders of the Lost Shark Step 1: Speak to Joyous Roy

To start the Raiders of the Lost Shark quest, head to the center of the Shallows. The nearest fast-travel point is Dumpstat Trench. Head north from the fast-travel point until you reach a temple with a shark idol and a skeleton pirate nearby. Speak to the skeleton, Joyous Roy, and you'll begin the quest in earnest.

Raiders of the Lost Shark Step 2: Head to the Shipwreck of the Carole Anne

Roy will direct you to the nearby wreck of his ship, the Carole Anne, where you need to find three lost Seawarg Pearls. You'll find them in standard treasure chests scattered about the wreck and its surroundings.

Raiders of the Lost Shark Seawarg Pearl 1

The first Seawarg Pearl in Raiders of the Lost Shark isn't far from where you find the ship. You should see a raised platform with a loot chest and ammo crate not long after entering the wreck area. The pearl is inside.

Raiders of the Lost Shark Seawarg Pearl 2

From the first pearl, keep to the right (east) of the area, and make your way to the westernmost side of the ship piece. You'll see a climbable section leading belowdecks, with a yellow paint splotch denoting where you can climb up.

Head up to the ship's deck, to the bow, to see the loot chest with the second pearl in it.

Raiders of the Lost Shark Seawarg Pearl 3

The third and final pearl in Raiders of the Lost Shark is across from the wreck piece where you found the second pearl, waiting in the sand between the two remaining parts of the ship. Head directly west from the second pearl and look for the loot chest at ground level. There are pink and blue glowing mushrooms directly north of the chest.

Raiders of the Lost Shark Step 3: Return to Joyous Roy; Give Him or Chumberlee the Pearls

Head back to Joyous Roy near the shark statue and you'll be presented with a choice. You can either honor the terms of your deal with the skeleton pirate captain or give the pearls back to Chumberlee, the shark spirit depicted in the statue.

If you give Roy the pearls, Chumberlee comes to life, and you'll need to kill her for miniboss loot. Roy will thank you and award you the Sharklescent Ring.

If you give the pearls back to Chumberlee by placing them in the basin before her idol, Roy will no longer be so joyous and attack you. Kill him, and Chumberlee will spit out double the loot she would have dropped if defeated. She also rewards the Sharklescent Ring for your troubles.

That's how you complete the Raiders of the Lost Shark Quest in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. Have a look at our best non-Legendary loot guide for some of the rewards you'd want from the loot you receive, and keep an eye on our Wonderlands guides hub for even more, like how to respec or how to multiclass.


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Published Apr. 4th 2022

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