Trails of Cold Steel 4 Lost Arts Guide

Our Cold Steel 4 Lost Arts guide has everything you need to know about the five Lost Arts and the powerful Cryptids guarding them.

Trails of Cold Steel 4 brings Lost Arts back, and like their Cold Steel 2 counterparts, they’re guarded by highly dangerous Cryptids. It's worth the challenge, though. Using a Lost Art at the right time can change the course of a tough battle, and our Cold Steel 4 Lost Arts guide has everything you need to make it through these fights and get each one.

There are five Lost Arts total. To equip them, you’ll need to fully upgrade a slot in a character’s orbment that matches one of the Arts’ three elements.

For example, Icicle Meteo is Earth, Water, and Space, so it can only go in an upgraded slot meant for Earth, Water, or Space quartz.

Each Lost Art can only be used once per battle, and using them drains all of the user’s EP. Like rare quartz, each Lost Art quartz also enhances the user’s stats.

Trails of Cold Steel 4 Lost Arts

Icicle Meteo Lost Art

  • Elements: Water, Earth, Space
  • Stat boost: HP +1000, EP + 100, DEF and ADF +100
  • Type: Attack (4S+)
  • Effect: Large decrease for all enemy stats, lasts four turns
  • How to obtain: Defeat Fornelius (level 100) at the entrance to Eerie Woods (turn around at the teleportation stone and head into the clearing).

Icicle Meteo is available from 8/9 on. Despite it being the earliest Lost Art you can acquire, it’s best to wait a bit before tackling Fornelius. The cryptid uses a craft to cause poison and casts Diamond Nova to inflict freeze. 

Things get more dangerous when its HP drops to half. Fornelius’ speed increases dramatically, it uses a craft that causes Vanish and another craft that absorbs HP, EP, and CP.

Characters with the Impede quartz equipped or who know impede-causing crafts are ideal. 

Placement is important for this battle. Fornelius’ crafts have a straight line effect, so spacing your party out reduces the likelihood of powerful attacks hitting more than one or two characters.

You’ll also need at least one or two dedicated Arts users, since Fornelius is more resistant to physical attacks. 

Fortunately, most of the other Cryptids aren’t as much of a nuisance.

Rhiannon Kiss Lost Art

  • Elements: Fire, Mirage, Water
  • Stat boost: EP +100, ATS and ADF + 100, Evasion +10%
  • Type: Support
  • Effect: Increases chance of being targeted. Large boost across all stats for all allies + 100 CP
  • How to obtain: Defeat Magic Knight Zamiel (level 111) on Bryonia Island (second half)

Zamiel is at the back of Bryonia Island, to the left of the event where Rean’s spoilery new Craft unlocks. The game turns you back if you try getting there before the events at Sol Shrine, but it opens up as soon as that’s all finished.

Like other Magic Knights, Zamiel’s biggest feature is being a damage sponge. It boosts its strength and ATS, plus it starts using strong magic once its HP drops to half. Use Emma’s Zodiac Force Order and the Crescent Mirror art to deal with its magic.

Prominence Roar Lost Art

  • Elements: Fire, Space, Wind
  • Stat boost: STR and DEF +100, Movement +10, Accuracy +100%
  • Type: Attack (4S)
  • Effect: Cancels enemy stat changes and inflicts burn
  • How to obtain: Defeat Agargion (level 122) in Osgiliath Basin

Agargion appears once you get access to Osgiliath Basin again in Act 2. It’s in the open area where the Act 1 boss fight takes place, and it’s basically impossible to miss.

Agargion’s attacks inflict stun and burn, so equip all party members with the appropriate resistance accessories. Like Zamiel, this one starts casting arts when its HP drops to half. The same magic-absorbing/reflecting strategy works here.

Grail Thelas Lost Art

  • Elements: Fire, Time, Earth
  • Stat boost: HP +1000, SPD and Movement + 10, Accuracy +100%
  • Type: Recovery
  • Effect: Revives all allies and grants 200% HP
  • How to obtain: Defeat Jirvagriff (level 133) on Auros Coastal Road

You can’t find Jirvagriff until the first part of Act 3. If you’re having a hard time finding it, check your map for the blue sub-event icon.

Jirvagriff’s biggest issue is causing stat down across a large area, so make sure one of your character’s can use Heat Up to deal with the effects. Equip your best fighters with AT Delay-resistant accessories as well.

Lord Regnarion Lost Art

  • Elements: Wind, Time, Mirage
  • Stat boost: STR and ATS +100, SPD +10, Evasion +10%
  • Type: Attack (5S, Break SS)
  • Effect: Attacks all foes
  • How to obtain: Defeat Lore-Fantasma (level 144) at the top of Stargazer’s Tower. 

You can only find Lore-Fantasma on 9/1. It inflicts nightmare, which you can protect against with a few accessories.

It also uses Soul Pinion, where the monster possesses one of your party members and absorbs HP. You can’t defend against it, so your best bet is to just keep chipping away and using Orders like Valiant Hearts to boost your damage.

That's it for our Trails of Cold Steel 4 Lost Arts guide. Be sure to check out our other Cold Steel 4 guides, and if you found this one helpful, please consider giving it a share! 


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Published Nov. 1st 2020

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