Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Hair Apparent Locations

Track down every Hair Apparent in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, even Hair Apparent V.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has secret character customisation. In order to unlock a lot of the options, you need to get your hands on the Hair Apparent books, all of which are numbered using Roman numerals like Hair Apparent V. While you always play as the enchanting Miriam, you can actually do a lot more with the way she looks than you would initially think.

After meeting Todd (a Killer Barber who isn’t a killer), you’ll be able to sit down and change your hairstyle, as well as hair, skin,and eye colour. It’s a strange place to keep the customisation, but who are we to judge.

In order to unlock new hairstyles, you need to find the Hair Apparent books, which we'll be going over in this guide.

Hair Apparent I

Found within the Dian Cecht Cathedral just before the Craftwork Boss at the bottom of a room.

Hair Apparent II

Found within the Dian Cecht Cathedral but you have to go through the Oriental Sorcery Lab to actually get to it.

Hair Apparent III

A reward for completing ‘Avenge the death of Dan!’ for Lindsay. You have to kill 3 Wolfman to complete it.

Hair Apparent IV

A reward for giving Susie some cookies as part of her side quests.

Hair Apparent V

Doesn’t exist. For some reason, this book seems to be Hair Apparent XII, and if it’s a deep cut (get it) then I don’t get it.

Hair Apparent VI

At the bottom of the first portion of the Towers of Twin Dragons. There are five collapsing gold platforms to go down. Make your way left at the bottom to grab this.

Hair Apparent VII

After gaining the Invert Shard, head back to Towers of Twin Dragons. In the upper portion of the first tower, you need to head to the bottom. You will see two green chests on otherwise unreachable platforms, the one on the right has this.

Hair Apparent VIII

You can find this in the Oriental Sorcery Lab, in the upper left of the room with the big cat enemy.

Hair Apparent IX

Gained as a reward for completing ‘In Memory of Edith’ for Abigail.

Hair Apparent X

As you explore the bell towers of Dian Cecht Cathedral you will reach the room directly above where you got Hair Apparent I. If you break the floor here, you can drop down into a secret area that has Hair Apparent X.  

Hair Apparent XI

In the room above the Fast Travel room just before the boss fight in the Hall of Extermination.

Hair Apparent XII

In the left-hand open area of the Galleon Minerva. You need to use the Invert Shard and go to the top-right of the screen to grab this.

That's every Hair Apparent location in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Now you can live your dreams of having perfect hair no matter how many demons you fight. Make sure to head over to our Bloodstained guides list to sort out any other issues you're having too. 


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Published Sep. 11th 2019

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