Metal Slug: Commander Best Characters Tier List

Compose the best team of five using our character tier list for Metal Slug: Commander.

There are over 50 units in Metal Slug: Commander at the time of writing, but you will need only five to make up your team. You'll need offensive characters, a couple of tanks, and at least one healer to stand the enemies in front.

This guide will provide you with a tier list of the best characters in Metal Slug: Commander. You could take the first five units listed below and make up a perfect team, as they really are just that strong. But you may not be able to pull all of them, so we offer a few alternatives at the B-Tier as well.

Metal Slug: Commander S-Tier Units


  • Type: Rush Unit
  • HP: 785k
  • ATK: 83k

This is one of the most notable units in the game due to her ultimate AoE ability Lightning Judgement that can deal with an entire team of enemies at once. But the most impressive part about Fio is that she is a completely free character.

She would benefit greatly if you teamed her up with Hyakutaro, who can bring her damage output to extreme levels. These two characters are the most dangerous combo in Metal Slug: Commander.

All you need to do is charge up both of their ultimates and release them one after the other, Fio's first, and then Hya's. You'll be amazed with the results.


  • Type: Special Unit
  • HP: 960k
  • ATK: 58k

Beatrix is another very strong unit for your team, as she is the best healer in the game.

What makes her standout from the rest of the supporters is her ability to increase the healing effects of other healers in your team by 15%. For example, if you have Beatriz and Midori on your team, then both of them will gain bonus points on their healing effects, which is super effective.

Beatriz also has an AoE healing ability Halloween Gift that can restore the HP of your entire party at once.

A-Tier Units


  • Type: Assault Unit
  • HP: 1458k
  • ATK: 53k

Another free yet very powerful unit is SV-001, a primarily tanky vehicle that can also charge into the enemy's front line.

His explosive rockets can deal significant amount of AoE damage. If you can keep it healed while it absorbs all the damage, you won't need another tank in your team.

Press on with his Tank Collision ability to deal 245% damage to the front row of enemies, and watch the rest of the battle unfold in your favor.


  • Type: Assault Unit
  • HP: 1213k
  • ATK: 69k

Growl is an even better tank, but he's not free like SV-001. He's so strong that he can break through the enemy's front line and hit their back rows, and he is a menace.

Obviously, you will need Beatriz on your team to heal him up as much as possible. The only time he doesn't need her is when you use his Contest ability that deals 170% damage while staying invincible.

The only other potential alternative to him could be Ramal.


  • Type: Special Unit
  • HP: 1009k
  • ATK: 73k

This is the last essential support character that you will need on your team. Hyakutaro is not very good when he fights on his own, but in a team of strong characters he becomes simply indispensable due to his Energy Upgrade ability that recharges other units.

This means that every time another unit uses their ultimate attack, Hyakutaro can replenish their energy and allow them to chain several ultimates in a row.

This is an incredibly useful and unique skill, which is why Hyakutaro is one of the top units in Metal Slug: Commander.

B-Tier Units


  • Type: Rush Unit
  • HP: 925k
  • ATK: 100k

Jin is a solid attacker with some amazing sword skills. She can serve both as a charger and tank, and her combat skills are good enough to maintain a solo mode.

Her Prison Blade ability is a targeted attack, but once she leaps forward and starts slashing, every other enemy within her reach will get damaged heavily, too.


  • Type: Rush Unit
  • HP: 1176k
  • ATK: 73k

If you're looking for an alternative kind of offensive character that can add to your party's attack power while still being effective solo, then Schwarz is the unit you should aim for.

Her ultimate ability Gluttony not only allows her to aggressively attack the front row of the enemy party, but also inflict the immobilization status effect, effectively stunning them.

Those are the best characters in Metal Slug: Commander. If you liked this article, then consider sharing with others online!


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Published Aug. 30th 2021

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