Everything We Know About Umi, Tower of Fantasy's New Simulacrum

A new Physical-damage specialist, Umi is coming soon to Tower of Fantasy.Here's what we know about her abilities.

The next limited banner Simulacrum is almost available in Tower of Fantasy, and we'll welcome Umi, a character introduced in the 2.3 update as part of the Miasmic Swamp area. Her recent Simulacrum Showcase showed us more about her attacks, skills, and abilities. 

A Physical-damage specialist, Umi continues adding mechanical complexity and plenty of power creep. She'll undoubtedly outclass all vanilla game offerings, but whether she'll dominate the way more recent characters have is unclear. Here's everything we know about Umi's attacks, Skills, and Discharge ability.

Umi's Attacks, Skills, and Abilities Explained

It's Magic Time

Umi's normal attacks are pretty standard fare. She has a grounded and airborne five-hit combo, but things get interesting quickly. Her grounded charge attack pulls enemies toward her, enabling further combo strings, while her airborne charge is a launcher against smaller foes. Her dash normals are also launchers.

Umi's Skill is by far her most complicated set of mechanics. To even use her Skill, called It's Magic Time, you'll need to build up 100 "warm-up points" to fill a gauge at the bottom of your screen. Entering combat automatically grants you 100 points, but after your first use of the Skill, you'll need to land attacks with any of your three Weapons to earn more.

Once charged, using It's Magic Time causes damage within a set radius in front of Umi, and all enemies affected will be pulled in and slowed. Umi will also become temporarily invincible during the Skill's duration.

Magic Trick State

The bigger mechanic here is the Magic Trick state. After using It's Magic Time, Umi summons two playing cards: either a Heart or a Spade. Depending on the combination, she'll have access to different mechanics. You can determine the card's suit using the Skill button.

  • Heart/Spade: Activate Psychic Puppet, granting both a Physical damage boost and postponing 60% of all incoming damage (unusable while in the Fortitude Resistance state).
  • Heart/Heart: Activate Contradiction Corrosion, granting immediate health recovery and causing constant area damage over time.
  • Spade/Spade: Activate Card Sweep, causing increasing stages of ongoing damage in a small radius.

During the Magic Trick state, Umi receives hyperbody and is considered shielded, keeping her from being staggered and reducing damage. Also, her Mobius weapon's attack increases, and her ability to Shatter shields goes up.

The Magic Trick state lasts 18 seconds but ends if Umi dies or swaps to another weapon. When the state ends, Umi gains hyperbody for 20 seconds. Letting the full 180-second timer run out, a large AoE deals heavy damage to nearby enemies. Magic Time has a 30-second cooldown as well.

The Sleight of Hand Discharge ability is the same as any other: it's a large AoE that deals heavy damage. Not much else here.

Star Thresholds

Umi has two major Star thresholds, one and five-star.

At one star, she immediately gains 30 warm-up points on switching to her Mobius weapon, dealing physical damage to nearby targets, and reducing their physical resistance when you enter Magic Trick.

At five stars, she gains:

  • The Physical Puppet effect on entering Magic Trick.
  • Increased Mobius physical damage boost from the Physical puppets.
  • You also recover HP and weapon charge during Magic Trick.

The developers recommend pairing Umi with Lin and Claudia, which is a fairly standard setup, though the community will no doubt come up with plenty of other combinations before settling on a meta.

And that's about all you need to know about how Umi works, based on the Simulacrum Showcase. Physical loadouts are some of the stronger combinations, and with Umi, they might finally give Frost combinations a run for their money. For more Tower of Fantasy content, check out our guides hub.


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Published Feb. 21st 2023

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