Wanted: Dead — All Kowloon Park Collectibles Guide

Here's how to find all the collectibles in Wanted: Dead's second mission, Kowloon Park.

Kowloon Park is the second mission in Wanted: Dead, which follows Dauer HQ and a moment of respite at Police HQ. While Kowloon Park is roughly as long as the first level, it features far less stuff to collect; there are only 3 collectibles to pick up here. This guide will show you where to find them all. 

Where to Find the Collectibles in Kowloon Park

Kowloon Park Map

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The mission's first collectible is nearly impossible to miss. After a brief sniping section atop a chopper, you'll spawn into Kowloon Park proper. The Kowloon Park Map is on the floor in front of the chain-link fence in front of you. 

Synth Armaments Manual A

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This next collectible is found far later in the level. You're free to keep your guard down until you stumble upon a traditional Japanese garden filled with ponds and beautifully-constructed walkways. This garden is also a major ambush points, bombarding you with tons of enemies. 

After dispatching the enemies, the path forward involves interacting with a door bathed in red light near a staircase leading up. Instead of continuing forward, take the path to the left of the door. You'll pass through an archway, leading to a secluded spot with multiple benches and lamps. The Synth Armaments Manual A is underneath one of the benches. 

Synth Armaments Manual B

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The final collectible in Kowloon Park is again nearly impossible to miss. However, it's easy to botch the action required to get it.

Near the end of the level, you'll be greeted by a checkpoint drone in a large empty street with only one way forward. The Synth Armaments Manual is resting on top of some cover just ahead of the checkpoint. Be careful here. If you take too many steps past this point, you'll trigger a cutscene that places you into a boss arena, keeping you from picking up the collectible until your next playthrough. 

Those are all the collectibles in Kowloon Park, Wanted: Dead's second mission. To keep the collect-a-thon going, head over to our Club Deaf Panther guide. You also shouldn't neglect keeping up with the Police HQ between missions, which we have covered here

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Published Feb. 13th 2023

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