How to Unlock Chronicles of a New Era Pandaemonium Quest in FFXIV

Pandaemonium is a new series of raids introduced in FFXIV: Endwalker, but you'll need to unlock the quest before taking on its many bosses. Here's how to do so.

Each Final Fantasy XIV expansion features a raid series that tells a new story that, generally, ties into the game's larger lore. With Shadowbringers it was the Eden questline, and now Endwalker has introduced Pandaemonium, a raid series that sees you delving into the depths of an ancient experimental facility, run by none other than Lahabrea.

Before you can start taking the raids on, however, you'll need to unlock the quest series, which fall into the "Chronicles of a New Era" category. Here's how to unlock Pandaemonium in FFXIV

How to Unlock Pandaemonium in FFXIV

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Before you can even think of taking on the Pandamonium raids, make sure you've completed all of the Main Scenario Quests for Endwalker, which means seeing the credits roll. After that, you'll be ready to take on post-Endwalker content including the first Pandaemonium quest, titled "The Crystal From Behind." 

To start this quest head to Old Sharlayan and look for Nemjiji (X: 9.6, Y: 11.9). Simply follow the quest objective and you'll unlock the first Pandaemonium raid, Asphodelos: The First Circle. 

Beating this first raid will see you able to continue the questline, and currently, there are five quests for Pandaemonium and a total of four raids. There aren't any particularly difficult requirements to unlock each quest, simply follow the objective and use the Duty Finder to beat each raid as it unlocks. 

Pandaemonium isn't currently finished and while we don't know how many raids the series will consist of in total, it will be continuing across more post-Endwalker patches. 

Now you have everything you need to start delving into the dark depths of Pandaemonium. Take a look at our other guides on topics like how to unlock the Euphrosyne Alliance Raid or head over to our FFXIV guides hub for even more. 


Published Jan. 18th 2023

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