Bloodborne Tips - Avoiding Connection Issues

Can't connect to multiplayer? Me neither - until I tried these tips out myself.

If you're like 70% of Bloodborne players, you may be having trouble connecting to other players in co-op and PvP.

There are a few ways to make connecting easier - one of which is something that really needs to be fixed in a patch, because it's ludicrous. I've been trying to connect for days and no dice. Well, until earlier today after some advice from friends.

First and foremost:

Don't resume after suspending the game

For some reason, suspending and then resuming the game will break multiplayer play. Everything else functions normally, including bloodstains, but you can't co-op or be invaded until you restart your PlayStation 4.

Players who are just looking to play singleplayer, or don't want to be invaded, but who still want to see bloodstains may be all right with leaving the game as it is after resuming from suspension, but anyone who wants multiplayer needs to keep this issue in mind.

Co-op connecting tips

If you're having trouble connecting to other players even after restarting your PlayStation 4, consider the following tips:

  • Set your network region to Worldwide to cast a wider net. If you're trying to co-op with a friend, have them do this as well.
  • Go to your in-game network settings and change your Watchword. If you're trying to co-op with a friend, make sure you both have the same Watchword.
  • For co-op, be as close to one another as possible in your respective games when trying to have one of you summon the other.
  • Have whoever will be joining the game ring their Small Resonance Bell before the host, and make sure they do it for a few seconds before the host starts ringing their Beckoning Bell.

These tips may not make your co-op connecting experience totally smooth, but they should help those sad Bloodborne players out there who are still unable to get in on some multiplayer action. Good luck, Hunters!

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Published Mar. 29th 2015

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