V Rising: How to Craft Dawnthorn Armor

Dawnthorn Armor is the second most powerful set of armor in V Rising. Here's how to get it.

Dawnthorn Armor is one of the best armors available in all of V Rising. It is a Level 7 gear set, and is required in order to unlock the Level 8 Bloodmoon Armor, which is the strongest in the game.

Crafting Dawnthorn Armor is an incredibly demanding task, but we'll take you through all of the necessary steps to pull it off in this guide.

How to Craft Dawnthorn Armor in V Rising

Like all armor sets, Dawnthorn Armor has four components: a chestguard, leggings, boots, and gloves, and they each require the exact same crafting ingredients:

  • 160 Scales
  • 12 Pristine Leather
  • 8 Ghost Yarn

Each piece can be crafted at a Tailoring Bench, but only after you have unlocked the blueprint for the armor. This is done upon defeating Octavian the Militia Captain, a Level 58 Blood Carrier who is located in the Bastion of Dunley.

This particular boss arena has no cover from the sun, so you'll want to wait until nightfall to battle.

After Octavian is defeated, you will unlock the blueprint for the Dawnthorn Armor, as well as a myriad of other cool things you can craft.

This is one of the many bosses in V Rising necessary to kill for your Dawnthorn Armor, as you'll see shortly. Now, it's time for you to seek out the crafting components.

How to Obtain Scales

If you've gotten to the point where you're able to take down a Level 58 Blood Carrier, then you've likely already acquired your fair share of Scales. These are dropped by smaller mobs and can be easily grinded out in areas like the Cursed Forest by killing enemies for a short while. In total, you will need 640 Scales for the full Dawnthorn set.

How to Obtain Pristine Leather

Pristine Leather is different from standard Leather, as it requires Pristine Hides to create. Each piece of Pristine Leather will require 15 Pristine Hides to craft, as well as some Fish Oil. Pristine Hides can be obtained by taking down werewolves, which isn't particularly difficult, but it will take some time to collect the 720 Pristine Hides you need for the full Dawnthorn set.

Fish Oil can be obtained in a few different ways, however the most efficient way is by catching fish and producing it yourself. To do this, you'll need a fishing rod, which you can craft only after defeating Rufus the Foreman, a Level 20 boss in the Bandit Logging Camp.

You'll also need access to the Devourer, which you earn after defeating the Level 26 Lidia the Chaos Archer, who is just a tad northeast of Rufus. You'll need to use the Devourer to salvage your catches into Fish Oil.

If you've defeated Octavian, these two bosses should be a cakewalk. You can now produce a fishing rod for four Coarse Thread, four Copper Ingots, and eight Planks. Take your rod down to a stream and start fishing, then bring your catches to the Devourer in the castle, which will convert them to Fish Oil for you.

Once you have your Fish Oil and Pristine Hides, you can use a tannery to produce some Pristine Leather.

How to Obtain Ghost Yarn

As you probably guessed, you'll need to do some boss killing for this Dawnthorn Armor component.

First, you'll need to defeat Beatrice the Tailor (Level 38), who will grant you the Loom blueprint, which will cost you 12 Copper Ingots, 20 Planks, and four Wool Thread. She'll also give you the Cotton Yarn recipe. Beatrice can be found in Dawnbreak Village.

Next up, you'll need to defeat Ungora the Spider Queen (Level 60), who is the most powerful of all of the bosses you need to kill for this armor. She is located in a cave in the Cursed Forest, at the northernmost point of the world map, and is who will give you the blueprint for the Ghost Yarn as loot.

Once both bosses are defeated, you will need to start loading up on Ghost Shrooms and Cotton Yarn. Four Cotton Yarn is required for each Ghost Yarn, and it can be obtained by inserting 15 Cotton into your Loom. This Cotton can be extracted from any one of the many cotton farms throughout V Rising's map.

The Ghost Shrooms can be found scattered throughout the Cursed Forest, and each piece of Ghost Yarn will require eight.

Once you have four Cotton Yarn and eight Ghost Shrooms, you can craft a piece of Ghost Yarn with a Tailoring Bench.

In order to obtain one of these, you'll need the blueprint from defeating Quincey the Bandit King, marked on the map below in the Farebane Woods. Once obtained, a Tailoring Bench can be crafted using 200 Blood Essence, 40 Planks, and 28 Cotton Yarn.

In total, you'll need 32 Ghost Yarn, which amounts to 128 Cotton Yarn, or 1920 Cotton, plus 256 Ghost Shrooms. Once you've gathered all of your necessary resources, you can finally craft your Dawnthorn Armor using your Tailoring Bench. 

Each of Dawnthorn Armor piece has a total of 1119 durability, making it the second most durable in V Rising, only less so than the Bloodmoon Armor. The chestguard provides 80.1 health, which is the most of any of the armor pieces, meaning it should be your priority. After that, the leggings give 68.7, the boots give 57.2, and the gloves provide 45.8. 

If you're interested in learning more about V Rising, consider checking out some of our other guides in our V Rising guides hub!


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Published Jun. 3rd 2022

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