Immortals Fenyx Rising Epic Mounts and Their Locations

Wondering how to find all of the Immortals Fenyx Rising epic mounts? Here are their locations, complete with maps!

One of your first tasks after clearing the tutorial island in Immortals Fenyx Rising is taming a mount. As you make your way to the Hall of the Gods, you encounter a pack of creatures called Anemones, and the game teaches you the basic mechanics of taming and riding mounts.

This is all well and good, but there are far better options at your disposal. In addition to looking far more interesting, epic mounts have some in-game advantages as well. They have three times more stamina than your first mount, meaning they can sprint for much longer periods.

There are nine Immortals Fenyx Rising epic mounts in total. A few require some progression in order to reach them, but most do not. Simply head to their location and tame them, and you'll be able to use them for the rest of the game.

Below, we've included the locations and maps for each Epic Mount. But first, we'll start with how to tame and switch mounts.

How to Tame and Switch Mounts

When you're near a creature, hit the crouch/sneak button so Fenyx ducks down. Slowly walk toward the wild mount. If a red exclamation point appears above its head, stop moving. If you keep going toward it, the mount will run away.

After standing still for a few seconds, the exclamation point will disappear. Keep approaching (it may appear a few times, so stop each time) until you are close enough that you see a new button prompt. Hit this button, and it will be added to your stable! You'll then be able to hop directly on your new mount and start riding.

If you want to change which creature gets summoned when you call your mount, go to your inventory screen, and you'll be able to swap them out with any other mounts you've tamed.

Epic Mount Locations

Aethon — War's Den

Aethon is one of the only mounts that you won't be able to get right after the tutorial section.

Aethon is in the realm of Ares, inside the large fortress in the southeast of War's Den. However, the walls of this fortress are surrounded by a stamina draining aura. After you've progressed somewhat through Immortals Fenyx Rising, you'll be able to punch into the area.

Look towards the back of the fortress in a large clearing.

Antikhytera — The Forgelands

You'll find Antikhytera, a mechanical mount, in The Forgelands area of the Golden Isle. It's almost directly north of the scouting statue in this area, almost to the coast.

If you're headed from the statue, look for a large hill with an open clearing on the other side  you'll find your target there.

Asphodel — King's Peak

You'll need to have a few stat upgrades unlocked to get to Asphodel, as this glowing purple stag is in the King's Peak region. Just reaching this area will take some stamina upgrades and the Glide Boost upgrade.

There are a few hills that will help you. If you're still a relatively low power level, make sure you've got a few stamina potions to help you make the final push!

Once you're at the top, look a bit east of the scouting point (the huge eagle statue). There's a river there, carving out a little valley between the cliffs. Asphodel is back near the waterfall at the back of this ravine.

Guardian — Grove of Kleos

Only the wisest warriors can tame the golden, winged Guardian. Make your way to the realm of Athena, the Grove of Kleos, and head northwest of the scouting statue. You'll find this mount roaming on the paths near the shoreline.

Indika — Valley of Eternal Spring

Indika, a lovely blue unicorn in the Valley of Eternal Spring, is likely the first epic mount you have a chance of stumbling across. Head north a ways from the scouting statue, and you'll encounter a large, watery clearing. Look for Indika here, enjoying the willow trees.

Laurion — Clashing Rocks

There's even a mount tucked away in the tutorial island of the game, but you'll most likely need to return to find it. Once you've upgraded your stamina a bit, return to Clashing Rocks and head to the smaller island to the southeast. You'll find Laurion on the northeast coast of the area.

Paragon — War's Den

Paragon is a horse outfitted for war, so it makes sense that you'd find it in the land of Ares. Look for this armored mount on the east coastline, right where War's Den meets The Forgelands.

Ptilon — King's Peak

The last epic mount you'll be able to gain access to is Ptilon in the King's Peak region. You'll need several upgrades just to get to King's Peak, and you'll have to have progressed the story far enough in order to get there.

That said, Ptilon is just as simple to tame as the other mounts. Look for this multicolored, winged mount on a small frozen lake near the northern-most area of King's Peak.

Tyrian — Valley of Eternal Spring

There's another unicorn mount to be found in the Valley of Eternal Spring. Head to the southernmost area of Aphrodite's realm, to a secluded little collection of streams to find this purple creature.

There you have it: all of the Immortals Fenyx Rising epic mounts and their locations! For more on the game, check out our other guides right here!


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Published Jan. 6th 2021

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