Hay Day Guides: 40 Different Species of Fish to Catch

There are 40 different of species you can catch playing Hay Day. Use the tips provided in this guide to help you catch the big fish and earn experience.

There are 40 different species of fish for Hay Day farmers to catch on a lazy afternoon. They’re caught using the lures and nets you can find in the Tackle Box. Players receive a specific number of experience for catching each type of fish. They can also check on the types of fish they have caught by looking in the fish book.

There are six unique fish you can catch during special fishing competitions. Fishermen can also go for the ultimate fish, called the Golden Trout.

Below we describe many of the different fish species you can catch playing Hay Day. The list is incomplete, but I will add to the list as I catch more fish. We provide you with the fish species, the type of lure to use, amount of experience received and the best fishing area to fish for this species.

All species of fish are found in different fishing areas included with the game, but I will provide you with the best area to fish in.

Copper Redhorse

  • Use a red lure
  • 4 experience points
  • Use a large fishing circle for best results
  • Page 2 of the fishing book
  • Best fishing spot is shallow water near the hut


  • Use a green lure
  • 8 experience
  • Use a large fishing circle for best results
  • Once again, fish in shallow water, near the hut
  • Page 3 of the fishing book

Coho Salmon

  • Use a purple or green lure
  • 12 experience
  • A small fishing circle will do
  • Page 4 of the fishing book
  • Fish in the reeds at the top of the lake for best results

Yellow Perch

  • Use green or gold lure
  • 14 experience
  • Use a medium fishing circle
  • Page 5 of the fishing book
  • Fish in shallow water with a barrel near by


  • A blue lure works best
  • 12 experience
  • A small fishing circle is enough
  • Page 6 of the fishing book
  • Fish in shallow water near a barrel


  • A blue or purple lure works good
  • 14 experience
  • Small fishing circle
  • Fish near rocky areas with waves
  • Page 7 of fishing book


  • Use a blue or gold lure
  • 16 experience
  • Medium fishing circle
  • Page 8 of fishing book
  • Fish near reeds at the top of the lake


  • Purple or green lure
  • 12 experience
  • Medium fishing circle
  • Page 9 of fishing book
  • Fish in rocky areas near the waterfall

Bluespotted Sunfish

  • Use a blue or purple lure for best fishing results
  • 14 experience points
  • Use a medium fishing circle
  • On page 10 of the fishing book
  • Fish near the reeds by the waterfall for the best fishing


  • A purple lure works best for this fish species
  • 16 experience
  • Use a small fishing circle
  • On page 11 of the fishing book
  • This fish species is usually found in deeper water near the sunken ship

Use the suggestions I provide here to catch the species of fish indicated and have more fun playing your favorite video game. In future articles, I will bring you additional information on catching the other species of fish in Hay Day.

Time to get out there and catch the big fish!

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Published Jun. 29th 2017
  • jayee
    I've wasted my little tickets on fishing, even in the newly opened areas, I get nothing new, no matter how good I follow the tips, Im giving up until I get all the animals, I earned so many tickets and have nothing to show for them, since we cant fetch most fish with red lures (worms) than we shouldnt be catching those same boring fish with our colored lures, especially the hard to get ones, so I hope this helps other, its a rip, unless you have nothing left to get with your ticket thingys, dont bother, ruins the fun.
  • nicolemyers
    Incredible! I finally received Unlimited Diamonds and Coins for Free after searching for weeks.Link: http://www.hackscommunity.com/hay-day-hack/
  • Carl_3199
    what is a small, medium or large circle? How do you that? Can you write that down please?

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