Two Point Hospital Bigfoot DLC Brings New Illnesses, Hospitals

Two Point Hospital's gotten its first DLC, bringing new hospitals, illnesses, and decorations with it.

You didn't think Two Point Hospital would release then fade into obscurity, did you? The folks over at Two Point Studios and Sega have made sure that hasn't happened, with the game having received a sandbox mode patch in October and now the new Bigfoot DLC, which brings a welcome host of new content to play with.

Out today, Two Point Hospital's Bigfoot DLC brings some holiday cheer to the game, featuring three new hospitals for players to manage to utmost efficiency and a whole host of new illnesses, nine of which have animations and treatments befitting the legacy of Theme Hospital and are available outside of the new Pointy Mountains area.

If this all sounds good, you can wander over to Steam to get your hands on the Bigfoot DLC, but be prepared! You're going to have to cough up $8.99 to start taking on these new hospitals and the ailments they come with.

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Published Dec. 5th 2018

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