Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: How to Find All the Secrets in The World Within

Check this guide for help finding the secrets of the mirror world in Kingdom Hearts 2.8!

The second world you go to in Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Fragmentary Passage is the mirror world. Here, there are 3 objectives that involve solving mysteries and secrets. The game does not tell you how to solve these mysteries and secrets since you are supposed to figure it out yourself.

But don't worry: We've figured it out for you, so just check below if you're having trouble finding any of them.

How to Solve all 3 Mysteries in The World Within

  • Objective 27 - -Solve the mystery of the World Within and win the battle.
    • This is the mirror to the left of the save point that takes you to an empty room.
    • Hit all of the candlesticks to turn the room dark and spawn the enemies.
    • Defeat all the enemies to complete the objective.
  • Objective 28 -- Uncover the mystery of the World Within and obtain a special item.
    • This is the second mirror to the right of the save point that takes you to a room with many chests.
    • Only one of the chests has the item. When you open one of the chests, the rest disappear.
    • Look through the mirror before going in to find the real chest.
    • The real chest will be closed when you look in the mirror, while the rest will be open.

kingdom hearts 2.8 how to find the secrets in the world within

  • Objective 30 -- Discover the secret in the mirror tied to the mysterious rocks.
    • This is in the mirror that takes you to the mining area where you need to find all 7 gems for objective 29.
    • The third mirror puzzle has 3 platforms, where 2 of them have markings.
    • Examine the mirror when the 2 platforms form a star symbol to complete this objective.
    • This also leads you to Gems 5 and 6 for objective 29.

Those are all the secrets you need to uncover for the objectives in The World Within. Be sure to check our full guide on the Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Wardrobe Objectives for help with any that are giving you trouble.

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Published Jan. 28th 2017

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