Wild Hearts: How to Unlock and Complete Guild of Fishermen Jobs

The Guild of Fishermen is one of the important quality of life features in Wild Hearts. Find out all about it here.

Any good grindable game is bound to have menial side tasks that offer useful but ultimately minor rewards, and Wild Hearts is no exception. Shortly after arriving in Minato, you’ll be given a tour of various NPCs and vendors. One of these will provide you with access to the Guild of Fishermen, which, despite its name, is not about catching, cooking, or anything to do with fish. It’s a bounty board, and we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Guild of Fishermen today.

How to Unlock and Complete Guild of Fishermen Jobs in Wild Hearts

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You’ll need to defeat at least one kingtusk kemono to get to the town of Minoto, and they can be a serious gear and skill check for the early game. Once you make it to town, head down by the docks to meet Nobumitsu, a fisherman who helps supply the townsfolk. He’ll introduce you to the Guild of Fishermen, which, as noted, isn’t really about fishing.

The Guild of Fisherman acts is essentially a bounty board like you’d find in other MMO and Monster Hunter-like games, with small optional tasks that, when completed, award crafting materials and money. There are a few wrinkles to the system in Wild Hearts, but the functionality is the same at its core.

How to Turn in Jobs for Seals

There are two steps to receiving rewards from the Guild of Fishermen. First is the completion of jobs. You can have up to five jobs active at once, and when you complete one or more of them, you’ll need to return to Nobumitsu to turn them in.

Each job is worth between one and four Seals. You’ll only receive rewards at specific seal amounts, starting at five Seals and going all the way to thirty, in steps of five, for the final prize.

The math works out such that you’ll need to complete at least two jobs for each Seal threshold, and all of the tasks given to you involve hunting in some way.

You could be hunting a set number of large kemono in specific zones, collecting small ones, gathering materials, or even merely crafting a weapon at the blacksmith. All these tasks award Seals, with the reward increasing based on how difficult they are or at least how much time you have to commit to their completion.

Once you collect thirty total Seals and all your rewards, you can move on to the next chapter of the story. Every chapter has its collection of Guild of Fishermen jobs that take the new zones and kemono into account. What you can earn also increases in rarity and value, so it behooves you to take new jobs whenever you’re back in Minato. Doing so could save you needing to do at least a few hunts, and they’re a good aside to remove some of the monotony between kemono fights.

That’s about everything you need to know about the Guild of Fishermen jobs in Wild Hearts. It’s a simple system, but one worth engaging with for the time you can save. It’s available throughout your playthrough with increasing value the farther you progress, and while the tasks don’t get much more complicated, doing them remains beneficial. For more coverage of Wild Hearts, head to our hub for the game.

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Published Feb. 13th 2023

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