FFXIV Endwalker: Where is the Aether Compass?

Where did the Aether Compass go in FFXIV: Endwalker and where do you find it? Read on here.

In FFXIV, the Aether Compass is your key to finding every Aether Current to learn how to fly in new zones, and it has been since Heavensward. Now in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, you may be wondering where to find the Aether Compass since it is no longer in the Key Items bag.

Where is the Aether Compass in FFXIV?

No one could blame you for being confused when you look in your Key Item bag and find no sign of your trusty and completely unloved Aether Compass.

FFXIV's Aether Compass has been moved to your Collection, another inventory type that could go completely unnoticed without looking around. You can find it by clicking Duty in the primary menu (where you may click to reach the Duty Finder normally), and then clicking on Collection.

You don't have to access this menu each time you want to use your Aether Compass to seek out nearby Aether Currents. You can drag it onto a hotbar for quick and easy access while you're running around Sharlayan or even lower expansion zones trying to unlock flying.

That's it for how to find the Aether Compass in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. Check out some of our other FFXIV guides here on GameSkinny.

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Published Dec. 3rd 2021

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