Elden Ring: How to Get to Palace Approach Ledge Road

Enter the Lord of Blood's domain with this guide to reaching the Palace Approach Ledge Road Site of Grace in Elden Ring.

To face Mohg, the Lord of Blood, one of the six demigod shardbearers in Elden Ring, you need to get to Mohgwyn Palace. The first Site of Grace there is Palace Approach Ledge Road, far to the south of the palace itself. But if you're here, you're wondering how to get there.

Well, there are two ways to get to the Palace Approach Ledge Road, one of which you find early in the game. The other will take you at least 15 hours to reach if you’re shotgunning the main campaign.

How to Get to Palace Approach Ledge Road in Elden Ring: Method 1

The easiest way to get to the Palace Approach Ledge Road is to use the Pureblood Knight Medal you receive during the Bloody Finger questline for White-Faced Varre.

Using the medal takes you just before the palace proper, and you’ll have to backtrack through the blood swamps filled with enemies, making your way along the cliffs to the south. You’ll eventually reach Palace Approach Ledge Road, but there isn’t much reason to pick it up if you have the Knight Medal beyond having the Site of Grace.

How to Get to Palace Approach Ledge Road: Method 2

If you haven’t done Varre’s quest for the Bloody Finger or want to wait to get to Mohgwyn Palace until later, you’ll need to wait until you reach the Consecrated Snowfield, accessible only with both halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion. At the northernmost end of the area is Ordina, Liturgical Town, which leads to the Haligtree proper.

Head west from the town until you see large, snow-blasted trees. On a small cliff behind the tree is a blood-spattered portal guarded by a Sanguine Noble NPC invader. Killing him awards his armor set and clears the way to use the portal.

You’ll spawn in a dark cave with only one exit. Follow the path through the dark areas until you reach Mohgwyn Palace. Down the road to your left, beyond some bloody rocks, will be the Palace Approach Ledge Road Site of Grace.

Now you have everything you need to make it to Palace Approach Ledge Road and Mohgwyn Palace to take on the Lord of Blood. It’s not an easy fight, but now you have a way to get back should you want to take him on another time. If you’re looking for a good weapon to fight Mohg with, use our guide to find the Sword of Night and Flame, currently one of the best armaments in all of Elden Ring. The Blasphemous Blade is good too. For more tips, visit our ever-growing guides hub


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Published Mar. 13th 2022

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