GS Writer's Workshop 1.9 - Tell us about your most notable E3 moment!

In this week's challenge, you're sharing your favorite moments from this year's E3.

Hey gamers! Welcome back to the GameSkinny Writer's Workshop. 

It's time for your next challenge. This challenge will run from Monday, June 15 through Tuesday, June 23. 

You all know that E3 is kicking off, so your prompt this week is to answer this question:

What do you think was the most notable moment or announcement from this year's E3?

Tell us who caught your attention and why. Did the Fallout 4 gameplay footage have you drooling? Feeling sated after Square Enix's presentation? What caught your attention and why?

Think on these things for a little while, then whip up an article on GameSkinny telling us your answer. Here are the requirements:

  • Articles must be at least 150 words.
  • Fill out all parts of your SEO tab.
    • We can't keep track of your article if the tag isn't there!

The winner of this challenge will be announced during our live GSWW stream. During these streams, I (your loyal weekend editor) will sit down with you all to workshop, promote, and feature some of your articles. 

This week's stream will go live Thursday, June 25 at 3:00 pm EST. To watch, click here.


Published Jun. 15th 2015

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