Trove guide: how to make a Club, craft special items, and invite your friends

Check out how to make a Club, invite friends, and more in this detailed guide!

Trove is very community driven and you can make your own, smaller communities called Clubs. Clubs in Trove are similar to guilds or clans in other games, but there is more to it than that.

Clubs also have their own worlds that friends and Club members can visit. You can build anywhere in the Club World, craft helpful items and more. This guide will tell you how to make a Club, what you can craft for the Club, and how to invite to the Club.

This guide will go over everything about Clubs in Trove including:

  • How to make a Club - What's required to start your own Club and how to invite friends to the Club.
  • Club Crafts - Everything that you can craft for your Club world.

How to make a Club

To make a Club in Trove, all you have to do is craft a Club Card and use it. You must craft the Builder's Crafting Bench to craft the Club Card. You need:

  • 100 Formicite ore
    • Formicite ore is the special blue block with a checkered pattern found in most areas. Is is harder to find than Shapestone ore.
  • 300 Shapestone ore
    • Shapestone is the special purple block with a checkered pattern. It is common and easy to find.
  • 100 Glim
    • Glim is easy to get currency you get from doing most things in Trove.

Once you have all the materials, craft the Club Card, open your inventory, then use the Club Card. You must come up with a name for your Club that hasn't been used yet, before you can make it.

  • If you want to invite people to the Club, open up the Club menu with "P" by default.
  • Click the arrow on the right side to bring up the members.
  • Click the invite button, then type in the name of the person you want to invite.

Trove how to invite to club

Club Crafts

Below is a list of everything you can craft for your Club World.

Homeworld Heart 

  • Allows players to heart your Club, which increases the rank.


  • 10 Infinium Ore - Rare yellow block found in most areas.
  • 20 Shapestone


  • Creates a machine that lets you expand your Club World.


  • 30 Glacial Shards - Ore found only in the Permafrost zone.
  • 75 Infinium Ore
  • 10 Bottles - Found throughout the world and can be grown in a garden.

Portal Bench

  • Creates a bench where players can craft a portal to the Club World.


  • 30 Infinium Ore
  • 10 Enchanted Wood - Found in Fae Forest, Medieval Highlands, and Cursed Vale biomes. Can also get from gardening.
  • 100 Glim

Community Chest

  • Creates a chest where you can store items. Any player can take from this chest.


  • 2 Golden Souls - Found rarely when mining.
  • 100 Infinium Ore
  • 200 Shapestone Ore

Club Chest

  • Creates a chest where you can store items. Any Club member can take from this chest.


  • 10 Golden Souls 
  • 500 Infinium Ore
  • 800 Shapestone Ore

Officer Chest

  • Creates a chest where you can store items. Any Club officer can take from this chest.


  • 10 Golden Souls 
  • 500 Infinium Ore
  • 800 Shapestone Ore

That's all for the Trove guide on How to Make a Club. Feel free to ask any question and please visit my Beginner's Tips and Tricks for more help with Trove.

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Published Jun. 12th 2020

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