Does Fire Emblem Engage Have Multiplayer Co-op?

Fire Emblem isn't a series known for its multiplayer, but Fire Emblem Engage is an entry for 2023 and beyond.

You may be surprised to find that Fire Emblem Engage does have multiplayer features considering the series has historically been a single-player experience. But here in Engage, there is not only multiplayer but also co-op, though not through the game's story.

How to Play Multiplayer Co-op in Fire Emblem Engage

While you can turn on the online features functionality when you first start the game, you won't have your chance to play multiplayer in Fire Emblem Engage until you finish Chapter 6, which will unlock the Tower of Trials.

The Tower of Trials has three modes: Relay Trials, Outrealm Trials, and Tempest Trials. The first two are unlocked when you gain access to the tower, but the Tempest Trials are unlocked after you finish Chapter 11. That's fine for multiplayer purposes, as only Relay Trials and Outrealm Trials are multiplayer and only Relay Trials allow for online co-op.

Relay Trials is the multiplayer co-op option, allowing you and another player to take turns using the same forces to clear out AI. This is the only online co-op found in Fire Emblem Engage, as the Outrealm Trials instead serve for you to create scenarios and share them online, as well as download them from other players. Both of these features require an active Nintendo Online account, though the Tempest Trials do not.

Fire Emblem Engage's multiplayer co-op may take a while to unlock, but it's worth it to get some more varied gameplay options. Check out our Fire Emblem Engage guides for more information and tips about the game.

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Published Jan. 23rd 2023

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