Borderlands 3 Psycho Krieg Evil Lilith Boss Guide

Learn how to find and defeat Evil Lilith boss using this guide to Borderlands 3: Psycho Krieg DLC.

Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck is the latest downloadable content for Borderlands 3, adding a hefty dose of challenging content for players to best and new gear to stockpile including the new Evil Lilith boss.

Before you can fight Evil Lilith and get rewarded with some amazing legendary loot, you will need to go through a series of puzzles. In this guide we'll go over how to find Evil Lilith, and then how to defeat her.

How to Find Evil Lilith in Borderlands 3

The search for Evil Lilith starts at the beginning of the second story mission in the new DLC, titled "Siege of Castle Crimson".

In order to complete this stage you need to do the following:

  1. Speak to Psycho Krieg
  2. Find the Flesh Horn by using the portals between the platforms
  3. Blow the Flesh Horn
  4. Approach the Crimson Castle (doors are closed)
  5. Locate the first catapult nearby and shoot at the castle
  6. Fight Brick and Mordecai at the second catapult
  7. Kill some skags to get 3 skag chops
  8. Feed the skag meat to Goliath at the second catapult
  9. Put the explosives from the chest nearby in the Goliath's neck
  10. Shoot the second catapult at the moon until it falls down
  11. Pick up the moon from the crater
  12. Locate the third catapult and put the moon inside
  13. Shoot the third catapult at the castle

This will finally blow up the doors of Castle Crimson and you will be able to get inside. Once you're in the main hall, the cutscene introducing Evil Lilith will begin.

How to Beat Evil Lilith in Borderlands 3

First Phase

At the beginning of the fight Lilith will teleport around the arena, so it will be really hard to aim at her for long enough.

You need to move around as much as possible and don't expect to deal too much damage this early. Just avoid her appearing behind you, otherwise she will ground slam you.

If you can avoid her slam attack, she will move to the center of the arena and go up in the air for a much stronger ground slam attack with a damage wave.

Once again, don't expect to deal much damage to her at this point, and just move along the edges of the arena to avoid the wave.

When Lilith finally settles down on the ground and starts shooting projectiles, you can start moving closer and deal some damage to her. These projectiles are easy to dodge, since they move in a straight line.

However, when she gets damaged, she will try to chase you using the dash attack. This is a good time to avoid her again and just move towards the very edge of the arena. If you manage to keep enough distance, you will have a chance to take a few precise shots at her.

Second Phase

When you put Evil Lilith's life total below 50%, she will get more dangerous.

First, she will create massive energy orbs that may fall down on you and explode dealing massive amounts of damage. Avoid these at all costs and shoot them whenever you can to destroy.

Keep at least one orb undamaged, as there will be a short Fight For Your Life phase, when you can shoot at the orb and restore your own health.

During this phase Lilith will go up in the air and send a powerful beam of energy into the sky. She will be completely immune to damage during this phase, so use this time period to restore your own health.

Then, she will create projectiles in the air and shoot them at you. These move in random patterns, so be extra careful to avoid them. You can shoot Lilith during this phase and deplete her life to zero.

When this is done, Evil Lilith will drop some legendary loot, which may include new exclusive weapons and gear.

That's all you need to know on how to find and beat Evil Lilith boss in Psycho Krieg DLC for Borderlands 3. If you want to know how to defeat and kill Troy Calypso boss, then check out this guide. For more Borderlands 3 guides, head over to our game's hub page.


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Published Sep. 18th 2020

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