How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

Learn how to make concrete blocks of any color with the help of our quick guide to Minecraft.

Minecraft concrete oncrete is an excellent building and decorative material, which is harder than stone and more vibrant in color than terracotta. It is possible to mine concrete blocks using a pickaxe, but if you want to get concrete of a certain color, making it yourself is a much better idea.

This Minecraft guide will provide you with all the tips on how to make concrete. This process will take a few steps, but once they're done, you will know how to produce any type of concrete for your structures.

How to Make Minecraft Concrete

Step 1: Collect Gravel and Sand

The basis for producing concrete is concrete powder, which comes into contact with water and hardens into solid blocks.

In order to produce concrete powder, you need to collect lots of gravel and sand, as well as color dyes.

Sand can be mined in the badlands biome using a simple shovel, while gravel can be collected on gravelly mountains and on the beaches.

Step 2: Craft Concrete Powder

In order to craft concrete powder, you will need 4x Sand blocks, 4x Gravel blocks, and 1x Dye block.

You can purchase 3x Dye blocks from wandering traders for as little as one emerald.

When you have the required materials, craft concrete powder using the following recipe:

1x Dye

1x Sand

1x Sand

1x Sand

1x Sand

1x Gravel

1x Gravel

1x Gravel

1x Gravel


This recipe will produce 8x Concrete Powder blocks.

Step 3: Make Concrete

When you have a block of concrete powder ready, you need to place it inside the block of water. As a result, concrete powder will harden up and immediately produce one block of concrete of the same color.

Note that concrete powder will not harden under the rain or if water is splashed on top of it from the bottle or any other source.

That's all you need to know on how to make concrete in Minecraft. For more Minecraft guides, check out our dedicated hub page, and if you were looking for Minecraft seeds, head over to this page.


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Published Jun. 11th 2021

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