Fallout 76: How to Make Lead Champagne

Need to make Lead Champagne in Fallout 76? Here's what to do.

Since the Wild Appalachia update in Fallout 76, you have been able to ferment new alcoholic beverages. Let's go into how to make Lead Champagne so you can get a whopping 100 Radiation Resistance for those clutch times you need it.

How to Brew Lead Champagne 

You need to know the recipe before you can make Lead Champagne. This recipe is obtained by completing daily quests for BIV, the drink tester Robobrain who resides in the secret lab in Big Al's Parlor through the Nuka-Cola machine.

If you haven't done so already, read the flyers on any of the railroad station bulletin boards to start the "Wasted on Nukashine" side quest. Once complete it, you will be able to build the Fermenter and Brewing Station. 

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After finishing the initial quest, visit Biv the next day to start a new daily. These dailies are random, so you will have to complete them until you get the "Wasted on Alcohol" quest for Lead Champagne, which gives you the recipe to learn.

Lead Champagne Ingredients

You'll need access to a brewing station to make this brew, one of which is with Biv. You will also need the following ingredients: 

  • Boiled Water x3
  • Lead x2
  • Nuclear Material x1
  • Tarberry x3
  • Wood x5

Once collected, you can brew Lead Champagne in the brewing station. It has the following stats:

  • Alcohol addiction (5%)
  • -1 Charisma
  • -1 Agility
  • +3 Fall Speed
  • 100 Rad Resistance
  • 15% Water

Let it age to vintage so you can also get +15 Damage Resistance.

If you still need to complete "Wasted on Alcohol" you can give the alcohol to Biv. Lead Champagne is an ingredient for Lead Champagne Mimosa, and Lead Champagne Bellini, as well. 

That is how to get the recipe and craft Lead Champagne. Whether you are just completing a daily quest or looking to wander the Fallout 76 wasteland wasted, you can now add this beverage to your known recipes. For other quest or crafting help, check out our guides vault

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Published Mar. 15th 2023

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