How to Save Progress in Far Cry 6: How Auto Save Works

Wondering how to save your progress in Far Cry 6? Here's what you need to know about saving your game.

There's nothing worse than losing progress, especially in a sprawling open-world game like Far Cry 6. That's why it's essential to know how to save manually and when the game's auto-save function kicks in. With so many operations, points of interest, and collectibles in Ubisoft's latest first-person shooter, you want to make sure you don't lose anything when you turn the game off. 

Below, we'll quickly go over how saving works in Far Cry 6, including how the game treats manual saves and auto saves. 

How to Save Your Game in Far Cry 6

Unfortunately, you can't save your game manually in Far Cry 6. There is no manual save. There are no save slots. There is no button to press to retain your progress before taking on an operation or treasure hunt. In that way, you can't choose where things stop if you need to step away or if the game shuts off unexpectedly. 

Indeed, you have to rely on the game's auto-save feature to tally all of your progress. How do you when Far Cry 6 auto saves? When Far Cry 6 auto saves, you'll see an icon of two white pages in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. That means your progress has been more or less saved in the general area in which you're in. 

Far Cray 6 auto save icon.

Every once in a while, Far Cry 6 will save in a less-than-ideal spot, like when I fell off a cliff while trying to complete a treasure hunt and re-spawned at the very bottom of the mountain (oof). You could also lose any gunpowder, supremo bond, or other crafting material you've picked up.

But generally, the checkpoints it provides within missions are favorable and don't set you too far back. 

Like most any other open-world game these days, Far Cry 6 auto saves every time you fast travel. It doesn't matter if you fast travel to a checkpoint, a guerilla base, or a town. It also auto saves after:

  • Completing a Bandido Operation
  • Buying something from a vendor
  • Taking over a checkpoint
  • Liberating a base
  • Completing a cockfighting match

Far Cry 6 also seems to save after adding a modification to a gun or a cosmetic to a vehicle. I've quit to the menu directly after doing both and my changes remained when I loaded back in. However, the auto save icon does not usually appear when I've done that, so there is some chicanery afoot behind the scenes.

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Either way, you now know that there is no manual save in Far Cry 6, and you know how the auto save feature works. Use it to your advantage whenever possible. If in doubt, complete one of the tasks above, and you should be fine. For more, consider heading over to our FC6 guides hub

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Published Oct. 22nd 2021

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