Maneater Guide — How to Reach Hidden Collectibles on Land

Struggling to reach those pesky mid-air License Plates in Maneater? Or can't reach some of those elusive humans? This collectible guide tells you how.

If you've sunk a few hours into Maneater, you might have noticed some tantalizing, "hidden" collectibles hovering just out of reach on land. Tripwire Interactive has done a good job of hiding license plates in plain sight, often placing them on pier heads and atop shoreline rubble. 

There are also some tricky side missions that task you with killing humans who stay frustratingly far from your watery domain.

Fortunately, we have some useful tips to help you reach the land and survive for a little longer.  

Maneater Guide — How to Reach Hidden Collectibles on Land

First, let's start with the simplest advice. 

The Amphibious evolution will drastically increase the amount of time you can survive on land, as well as increase your land speed.

It's locked behind story content in the middle chapters of Maneater, though, but you also shouldn't be attempting any of the harder-to-reach license plates until the middle of the game for another very important reason: the Air Lunge

The ability to lunge out of the water is available from your beginnings as a humble Pup shark, but the real utility comes once you've reached the Adult, Elder, and Mega stages. 

Once you've grown to the latter stages of sharkdom, you can press "B" or "LT" once you're in the air to gain a small boost of speed and height.

This can be done twice once you've grown to the Adult stage, while pressing "RT" will lunge you towards a target if you're locked on.

Combining these, the optimal strategy for reaching collectibles that are out of water looks like:

  1. Breach the water ("B" while Knifing or "LT" while swimming to the surface)
  2. Wait a split second, then Air Lunge ("B" or "LT")
  3. Repeat Step 2 if you have Air Lunge Level 2 unlocked.
  4. Finally, attack the target with "RT."

This sequence can also be used to reach humans in those pesky side missions we mentioned earlier.

It's also worth knowing that you don't usually have to eat them, so killing multiple humans with a Tailwhip ("LB") is often the quickest way to complete missions on land before you have to return to the water.


That's it for how to reach hidden collectibles on land. For more on Maneater, check out our other guides here


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Published May. 20th 2020

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