How to Get the Ubermacht Cypher in GTA Online

Here's how to get your free Ubermacht Cypher in GTA Online.

In the recent Los Santos Tuners DLC for GTA Online, the Los Santos Car Meet was introduced as a place for players to race, complete missions and challenges, as well as earn weekly prize rides.

This week's prize ride is the Ubermacht Cypher, and is redeemable completely at the low, low price of free for all players. This guide will walk you through how to claim your Ubermacht Cypher.

GTA Online: How to Get the Ubermacht Cypher

To start, you will need to make your way to the Los Santos Car Meet, which is located at the Pißwasser Warehouse on Popular Street in La Mesa, near the La Mesa Police Station. Head inside the car meet, then open up the interaction menu and select "LS Car Meet" at the top of the list.

Scroll down to "Prize Ride Challenge", where it will tell you what you need to do in order to win the prize ride. This challenge is the same for all players, requiring you to place first in five street race series races. It must be a street race; neither sprint races nor pursuit races will suffice.

To do a street race, talk with the organizer inside the Los Santos Car Meet and sign up for one. Doing this will immediately put you into a matchmaking lobby, which should fill up rather quickly. Once it has, you will be able to pick a vehicle to race with, and then it will begin.

As stated before, you will need to win five street races in total. This is pretty demanding, and will take some serious driving skill to place first against your matchmade opponents, but keep trying until you've got the five victories under your belt.

Once you have all five wins, re-enter the car meet and open up the Prize Ride Challenge section in the interaction menu, then claim your prize ride, the Ubermacht Cypher.

Earning the car in this way will save you a whopping $1,550,000, so it's pretty cool of Rockstar to dish this new car out for free. If you'd like to learn about the many things to do at the Los Santos Car Meet, be sure to check out our GTA Online guide hub.


Published Sep. 3rd 2021

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