FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove Irregular Tomestones of Mythology Costs Guide

How many times do you have to run Prae, Cast, or one of the other dungeons to get all the rewards this Moogle Treasure Trove? Let's find out!

I'm pretty excited for FFXIV's Moogle Treasure Trove event, as someone who has recently come back to the game after a 5+ year-long hiatus. Hard to obtain mounts at much more reasonable farming rates than you'd normally get them and the Falcon, a mount that hasn't been available since 2017. To get it and the many other rewards, you must farm Irregular Tomestones of Mythology.

The name of the game during Final Fantasy XIV's Treasure Trove is to stock up on Irregular Tomestones of Mythology, which you can use at any Itinerant Moogle to exchange for many rewards over the event period.

Surprisingly, the most expensive reward isn't the Falcon at all: it's the Mameshiba Earrings. You can surely see why.

So the question on my mind was, well, how many times do I need to run things to get all the rewards I want? Well, my friend, that's a tricky question.

First, let's touch on how many Tomes you receive for specific activities. It's worth noting you will get no Tomes for joining parties in progress or using an undersized party.

You must use the Duty Finder to find a full party.

10 Irregular Tomestones of Mythology per run

  • Praetorium [Collective groans from readers, surely.]

7 Irregular Tomestones of Mythology per run

  • Castrum Meridianum [Further groans from readers.]

5 Irregular Tomestones of Mythology per run

  • All three Frontlines PvP modes
  • Hidden Gorge PvP mode

3 Irregular Tomestones of Mythology per run

  • Stone Vigil
  • Sunken Temple of Qarn
  • Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak
  • Copperbell Mines
  • Tam-Tara deepcroft
  • World of Darkness
  • Syrcus Tower
  • Labyrinth of the Ancients

Yeah, I'm not super jazzed about these either. But you know what I *am* super jazzed about? Mounts!

How Many Runs to Purchase Moogle's Treasure Trove Rewards

These have been discerned just by dividing the Tome cost by the amount of Tomes granted per run, no big deal.

They are in order from the runs that pay the most Irregular Tomestones of Mythology to the least.

100 Tome Rewards

There is only one 100 Tome reward this event, that being the illustrious shiba earrings.

  • Mameshiba Earrings

To obtain this, you will need to do 10 Prae runs, 14.28 Cast runs, 20 PvP bouts, or 33.33 of the specified miscellaneous dungeons.

50 Tome Rewards

To obtain one these rewards, you will need to do 5 Prae runs, 7.14 Cast runs, 10 PvP bouts, or 16.67 of the specified miscellaneous dungeons.

  • Falcon Ignition Key
  • Round Lanner Whistle
  • Sophic Lanner Whistle
  • Answers Orchestrion Roll
  • Twilight over Thanalan Orchestrion Roll
  • On Windy Meadows Orchestrion Roll
  • Whisper of the Land Orchestion Roll

To get all of these would cost 350 Irregular Tomestones of Mythology.

This would take 35 Prae runs, 50 Cast runs, 70 PvP bouts, or 116.66 of the specified miscellaneous dungeons.

30 Tome Rewards

To obtain one of these rewards, you will need to do 3 Prae runs, 4.28 Cast runs, 5 PvP bouts, or 10 of the specified miscellaneous dungeons.

  • Thundercloud
  • Behemoth Knives
  • Behemoth Helm
  • Behemoth Mask
  • Ring of Lasting Shelter
  • Pixie Earrings
  • The 17 ARR Riding Maps
  • Drake Horn
  • Laurel Goobbue Horn
  • Elbst Horn
  • Bomb Palanquin Horn
  • Direwolf Whistle
  • Gullfaxi Whistle
  • Markab Whistle
  • MGP Platinum Card

This all costs 930 Irregular Tomestones of Mythology.

There are 31 total rewards to be obtained here -- the Riding Maps being the sleeper hits here, since they can be used to increase your riding peed in those areas (all ARR).

To get all of this, you would have to run Prae 93 times, 132.68 Cast runs, 155 PvP bouts, or 310 of the specified miscellaneous dungeons.

Sub-10 Tome Rewards

These rewards cost 7 Irregular Tomestones of Mythology. They require .7 Prae run, 1 Cast run, 1.4 PvP bouts, or 2.33 of the specified miscellaneous dungeons.

  • Wind-up Scathach
  • Wind-up Exdeath
  • Odin Card
  • Hancock Card
  • Progenitrix Card
  • Nidhogg Card
  • Flibbertigibbet Orchestrion Roll
  • Piece of Mind Orchestrion Roll

These will cost 56 Tomes in total to get them all. It will require 5.6 Prae runs, 8 Cast runs, 11.2 PvP bouts, or 18.64 of the specified miscellaneous dungeons.


This is the only reward that costs 4 Tomes, which takes .4 Prae run, .57 Cast run, .8 PvP bout, or 1.33 of the specified miscellaneous dungeons.

  • Crag Heart


These two rewards only cost 1 Tome, which takes.. well, there's not much need to drive into all that.

  • Demimateria of Crags
  • Magicked Prism (Job Mastery) x 10

The total cost to purchase absolutely everything is 1442 Irregular Tomestones of Mythology. Yeesh.

Moogle Treasure Trove will be lasting until 5.1 launch day, though no one knows quite yet when that will be. Get to grinding now, lest you miss out on the Falcon or one of the many other rewards available during this period!

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Published Oct. 1st 2019

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