Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - Where to Find All 13 Captured Memory Locations

13 captured memories are scattered across the game world in Breath of the Wild and waiting to be discovered!

The much-hyped Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was well worth the wait, introducing Nintendo's rebooted Switch console in proper form following the disappointing run of the Wii U.

Shifting from linear to open world, Breath of the Wild has all the secret collectibles and hidden equipment you'd expect from a game world of this ludicrous size.

The photographs in Sheikah Slate's album show 12 different locations where long lost memories can be discovered. These areas are scattered all across the game world, so you'll need to have a fair bit of exploring under your belt. Several locations will require the paraglider to reach, as well as equipment for surviving in hot areas.

Each photograph gives only a vague hint of where to go based on the landscape. So if you're having trouble locating them, we've broken down each specific location below where the 12 memories (and one bonus secret memory) can be recalled.

All Captured Memory Locations in Breath of the Wild

1. Sacred Ground Ruins

This first captured memory is near the ruins of Hyrule castle and is easiest to reach by paragliding over the many enemies around. The memory itself is on the circular stone dais ringed by columns.

Subdued Ceremony Memory

2. Lake Kolomo

This memory is right next to the southwestern side of the lake, and can be reached by paragliding from the Oman Au Shrine warp point.

Resolve And Grief Memory

3. Ancient Columns

Grab this memory by the Tabantha section of the map in the grassy area directly next to Tena Ko'sah Shrine.

Zelda's Resentment Memory

4. Kara Kara Bazaar / Geruda Desert

This one is located on the road leading from Geruda Desert Gateway to Geruda Town. Look for an oasis to find the memory.

Blades Of The Yiga Memory

5. Eldin Canyon

This fifth memory is found next to a ring of stones on the ground in the mountains. It can be reached either by traveling from Woodland Tower or paragliding across the Goronbi Lake area.

A Premonition Memory

6. Irch Plain

Find this memory northwest of Hyrule Castle. Look for a small lake in a grassy area on the way to Korok Forest.

 Silent Princess Memory

7. West Necluda / Hylia River

In between Deya Lake and Scout's Hill, this one is best reached by paragliding from the Great Plateau Tower towards Hylia River. The memory is by a tree with a large rock.

 Shelter From The Storm Memory

8. Hyrule Castle

Although this is eighth in the photograph list, you may want to tackle this one last after acquiring the Master Sword -- and make sure to bring items that recover stamina. 

Head into Hyrule Castle from the southwest moat and keep climbing up towards the northeast. At the top of the tower you can walk out onto a stone walkway, where the memory is waiting.

 Father And Daughter Memory

9. Spring Of Power / North Akkala Valley

This one is just to the south of the North Aakkala Valley and can be found by traveling a short distance from the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab warp point.

Slumbering Power Memory

10. Sanidin Park Ruins

To access the tenth memory, cross the Regencia River and look for a hill with a statue of a horse rearing up on its hind legs.

 To Mount Lanuru Memory

11. Lanaryu Road East Gate

Head from Kakariko Village towards the Great Fairy Mountain to find the 11th memory on the road between two large hills.

 Return Of Calamity Ganon Memory

12. Hyrule Field

To the west of Hylia River and north of the Bottomless Swamp, you can find this memory in the forest by the Kaya Wan Shrine.

 Despair Memory

13. Blatchery Plain

Wait a minute, there's only 12 photographs, so why is there a 13th entry?

This is a secret memory that becomes available after you find all the previous ones. Talk to Impa at Kakariko village to find the picture giving a hint of the location. This final memory is on Blatchery Plain, accessed through the Ha Dahamar Shrine. 

 Zelda's Awakening Memory

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Published Jul. 11th 2017

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