Dying Light: The Following - Achievement Guide

There are a total of ten new achievements in Dying Light: The Following. Here are the simple ways to unlock them.

Dying Light: The Following has been released, and while most people will be content with just enjoying the new features and gameplay, there are those among us who will want to one-hundred percent the game and all of its achievements. Hey, there is nothing wrong with that whatsoever. That is why we're here!

In total, there are 10 achievements to accomplish within the new expansion. Thankfully, there are no Secret Achievements this time around.

  • Afraid To Get Wet? - You will be granted this almost immediately. Simply head into the Countryside.
  • And You Liked Him, Didn't You? - Meet up with an old friend from the original content.
  • I Was Waiting for You for So Long - Play for awhile, and then became a Faceless.
  • Sweaty Palms? - This is probably one of the more fun achievements to accomplish. Destroy a Demolisher using a vehicle.
  • It Wasn't That Hard, Was It? - Win the Bilal race. It shouldn't be too difficult for most players.
  • What If You Picked the Other One? - You will need to follow the main missions in the expansion. Once you make a phone call, everything should become clear.
  • I Felt Your Presence - Witness your first Following meeting.
  • You Realize It's Only Points, Don't You - Reach the Driver Rank of level 12.
  • Formidophobic? Interesting - Destroy at least 50 scarecrows within the game.
  • I Don't Approve of Mindless Fun - This is easily the most entertaining achievement to unlock. Using your vehicle, run over and kill at least 500 zombies in the game.

There you have it, the ten new achievements available in Dying Light: The Following. The game world is massive, and there is so much to do within it, but you only need to unlock ten new trophies.

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Published Feb. 22nd 2016

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