Resident Evil Village Outhouse Locations Guide: How to Find All Outhouses

Trying to find all 10 outhouse locations in Resident Evil Village for the When You Gotta Go ... trophy/achievement? Here's how to find every outhouse.

In a move straight out of the World of Warcraft playbook, there's an achievement/trophy/challenge in Resident Evil Village called When You Gotta Go..., which is obtained by opening the door of every village outhouse. Many of these outhouses contain valuable items, so it's not an entirely wasted trip to seek out their locations, and you can find most of them without trying very hard.


You still have to get a bit over halfway into the game before you can find all of the Resident Evil Village outhouse locations and unlock the trophy/achievement, however.


If you're having trouble finding them all, this guide will show you all of their locations. Of course, it includes minor spoilers for Resident Evil Village. Use it to bat clean-up when you're filling out your trophy or achievement list after your initial run.


All Outhouse Locations in Resident Evil Village

Naturally, all 10 outhouses are somewhere outdoors, so none are found in Castle Dimitrescu, House Beneviento, or the Factory. Nine of the 10  outhouses are located in and around the village, and the last outhouse is in the Reservoir. Naturally, this means that the 10th is the only outhouse that's "missable" as long as you haven't gone to the Factory yet.


Unlike Goats of Warding, you have to open all 10 outhouses over the course of a single RE8 run in order to unlock the trophy/achievement/challenge. This list is presented roughly in the order in which you can find each of the outhouses, though it's probably not the order in which you'd happen across them on a blind run.


Note that the outhouse found behind the mechanically locked door in East Old Town is a red herring. It's always open and doesn't count for the trophy/achievement/challenge.


Outhouse #1: West Old Town


This outhouse is between two buildings behind the well in West Old Town. If you're facing the big gate with the DO NOT ENTER sign, it's on your right. This outhouse only contains a giant stack of garbage, showing that somebody isn't clear on the basic concept of what an outhouse is.


You can grab this very close to the start of the game, while you're first exploring the village. If you don't, you'll get another shot after you've cleared Castle Dimitrescu.


Outhouse #2: Luiza's House



This outhouse location is right outside Luiza's front door. It's easy enough to spot while you're helping Elena, but you can come back through here at any time afterward. A unique treasure, a key item, and a cache of ammo all appear in this area after you clear Castle Dimitrescu, but the further you are in the game, the more dangerous the Fallow Plot becomes.


The outhouse contains a bottle of Chem Fluid.


Outhouse #3: Craftsman's Hut



Right after your fight with Lady Dimitrescu, you'll emerge into a clearing where you'll find a save point inside an old shack. There's a well and an outhouse in the backyard; the latter contains some Gunpowder.


If you miss this on your first trip, it's not permanently gone. You can use the boat at the Drawbridge to reach the area via the river once you've got the Crank.


Outhouse #4: Central Village



When you return from Castle Dimitrescu, you get sent back into the southeastern part of the village to find the house with the red chimney. You'll need to cut through a building east of the Maiden of War statue to get there. Inside, you'll find the Wooden Animal (Body) treasure and Leonardo's Message file.


The outhouse location is just outside this building's back door, and it contains a pile of Rusted Scrap.


Outhouse #5: Central Village


After you go through the hole in the stable wall, another outhouse is found immediately on your right, behind a single lycan. The only thing inside is some poor dead guy's corpse.


Outhouse #6: Luthier's House


Backtrack to the southern part of the village, near your initial entry point from the start of the game, and shoot the lock off the gate that's closed "due to missing owner." The outhouse is past that gate, on your right. It's well worth stopping by, because it contains a Lockpick.


Outhouse #7: East Old Town 



This empty outhouse can be found right next to the Iron Insignia door on the south side of the map. It's been carefully placed to blend in with its surroundings, so it's easy to miss. It contains no loot.


Outhouse #8: House with Red Chimney



Check near the rooftop ladder on the wall of the house with the red chimney. There are a bunch of chickens in the same alleyway. There's a Large Crystal inside.


Outhouse #9: Gardener's House



After you've cleared House Beneviento, you can find your way into the house on the north side of the Garden area and grab the Luthier's Key there. There's an outhouse nearby that contains the Photo of a Strange Bird Key Item.


Outhouse #10: Reservoir



The last of the outhouse locations, this one is right outside the Gatehouse, where Duke has set up shop. If you leave heading east, turn to the right. You should spot it down a small path to the south. There's a bottle of Chem Fluid inside.


Now that you know all of the Resident Evil Village outhouse locations, you should unlock the When You Gotta Go... trophy/achievement, which also completes a Challenge worth 3,000 CP. It's not much, but every little bit helps. For more on RE8, consider checking out our Village guides hub for additional tips and walkthroughs. 



Published May. 26th 2021

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