How To Monetize Gameplay Videos Legally - 2016 Update

In an effort to help other aspiring video game video editors and to respect the wishes of copyright owners, I have compiled a list of publishers and licensors that allow us to legally monetize videos using footage from their games.

*Video Updated Video, January, 2016 - Showcasing Youtube's New Policy on DMCA Takedowns and how YouTube Red may Affect Revenue. I've also created an entire YouTube Gamers FAQ designed to help creators build their YouTube Channels using the right foundation.*

Over the last several months, I've done many searches, watched videos from other editors and even contacted gaming publishers directly to devise the best way to legally monetize the video game videos we create for YouTube,, etc. I compiled the list below with information I gathered from publishers directly, from publisher websites and from other video gurus who've done similar research.

No one wants to be placed in a situation where their YouTube channel gets suspended or removed because they improperly monetized a video. With that in mind, please know that the accuracy of this information is of paramount importance. If you see anything here that you know to be factually incorrect, please comment to let me know. While I plan to work smart to keep this page up-to-date, I make no promises that this information will be current or accurate at the time of your reading--since all listed companies reserve the right to change their policies at any time.

Now that we have all the disclaimers out of the way, please enjoy the list. Be sure to check back often since I'll be updating the list as publishers and developers get back to me (I typically get a few publisher emails per week).

List of Developers and Publishers who allow and prohibit video monetization.

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Published Feb. 20th 2016
  • Left Foot
    Great Info. Have you talked to anybody at Rovio?
  • B. Chambers
    Featured Correspondent
    Nope. I've not really focused on many mobile game developers. And that's mostly because the means to record footage on mobile devices that I've come across really haven't made it worth the effort to make videos of mobile games.
  • B. Chambers
    Featured Correspondent
    Sony has not responded to my request as of the time of this writing.

    I'm not sure what NC Soft actually owns. For example, Arena Net only uses them for publishing and actually maintains the copyrights to the Guild Wars series.

    Nexon does not provide any information I can find online, so you'll probably need to contact them to request permission. If you find out something from them, please let me know.
  • BuzzIrk
    Good stuff. I'm also curious about Nexon, NC Soft and Sony Online Ent.
  • Federico Senence
    Featured Contributor
    Great info, thanks!
  • KonradGamez
    Featured Contributor
    Very useful.

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