Rogue Legacy 2 Guide: Best Classes Tier List

Let's go over the best classes for just about any run in Rogue Legacy 2.

The best classes in Rogue Legacy 2 come in all types. Some squishy and some tough, some better suited to range than melee, but they stand above the other options in overall strength.

Our guide will list all the best classes in Rogue Legacy 2. You will learn about their strengths and weaknesses, as well as special tricks that can be used to a great effect during your playthrough.

Rogue Legacy 2: S-Tier Classes


  • Max HP: Vitality x 10 + 100
  • Max MP: 125

It is no secret that Pirate is one of the hardest classes to master in Rogue Legacy 2, but it is currently the strongest and most consistent classes when it comes to damage dealing.

His cannon is a superb weapon, which always delivers critical hits when using dash attacks. You will also gain access to his pirate ship that allows players to move around any zone unobstructed.

Take your time to learn this class, and you will see why it's regarded as the best by so many Rogue Legacy 2 players.


  • Max HP: Vitality x 8.5 + 100
  • Max MP: 125

The Ranger doesn't have as much health as Pirate, and its war bow deals critical damage only in case you manage to achieve a perfect release of the arrow. But his class can be easily put in the league of best classes with the Pirate thanks to its flexibility.

The best part about Ranger's bow is that you never lose your damage regardless of angle or trajectory of your shot. On top of that, you can set up a platform that will protect you from enemy projectiles.

This class also has a Ballistic Archer subclass, if you need something heavier than the bow to shoot your enemies.

A-Tier Classes


  • Max HP: Vitality x 10 + 100
  • Max MP: 125

The Barbarian is another DPS class that has a powerful ground attack that allows you to deal critical damage and heal with each hit.

This class can be a great starting point for anyone who wants to play as a strong melee character that can deal and take a lot of damage.

Unfortunately, this class' talent Winter Shout is not as effective as Ranger's Ivy Platform when it comes to mitigating incoming projectiles.


  • Max HP: Vitality x 8.5 + 100
  • Max MP: 125

The fastest melee class in the game is Duelist with its aerial and ground attack combos.

Duelist also gains invincibility during combat rolls, which makes him immune to any type of damage. Another cool feature of the combat roll is that it also charges Duelist's attacks right afterwards, guaranteeing a critical hit.

Duelist has similar stats to Ranger, but since it can't deal ranged damage, it is only tier A on our best classes list.

B-Tier Classes


  • Max HP: Vitality x 8.5 + 100
  • Max MP: 150

Valkyrie has a decent spear weapon that can attack in all directions and even when your character is moving, but it is severely lacking in the defense department.

On the other hand, Valkyrie has some of the highest MP pool in the game, and its Battleborn skill increases your chances of dealing magic critical damage, which is a huge plus.


  • Max HP: Vitality x 10 + 100
  • Max MP: 150

Knight has a very simple set of tools to provide balanced damage and defense.

But what really makes this class worthy of consideration among the best classes is its huge pool of health and mana. It is also extremely easy to play, which makes the Knight a perfect beginner friendly class.


  • Max HP: Vitality x 6 + 100
  • Max MP: 150

The Ronin's stats in general are not very good aside from its mana pool, but what makes this class really interesting is the ability to teleport.

What's really remarkable about this skill is that you can hit targets with your katana while teleporting from one point to another. Ronin also receives no damage when teleporting, virtually making him invincible for that glimpse of time. It can be hard to learn to work with, but easily puts this among the best classes.

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Published May. 9th 2022

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