King's Bounty 2 Black Screen Fix

If you're getting black screen during gameplay or at launch of King's Bounty 2, then follow our fix guide for a couple of solutions.

After the latest update, many King's Bounty 2 players started reporting a black screen appearing at launch or during gameplay. This issue can be easily solved, if you follow our guide for black screen fix in King's Bounty 2.

Usually updating your graphics card drivers can solve this issue, but there are also some other possible reasons you're getting a black screen. It may be connected to issues with graphics settings or incompatible hardware. Below you will find a few simple yet effective solutions to this problem.

King's Bounty 2 Black Screen Fix

Switch Between Windows

You might get a black screen as a temporary bug during gameplay, when your GPU can't process everything going on.

All you need to do in this case is to switch between windows. Here's how to do it:

  1. Once you get the black screen, press Alt+Tab keys
  2. Your game will go into the tray for a moment
  3. Press Alt+Tab key combination once again
  4. This will bring back your game to full screen

If this doesn't help, then you will have to restart your game.

Turn on Windowed Mode

If your game experiences black screens too often, then it would probably be a better idea to switch the game to the windowed mode.

Here's how to quickly switch your game at Steam to windowed mode:

  1. During gameplay press Alt+Enter keys together
  2. This will switch the game to a Windowed mode
  3. Press Alt+Enter again to go back to Full Screen mode

Try to play the game in windowed mode for some time and see if you're still getting the black screen. If there are no issues in the windowed mode, then it is recommended to keep it throughout your gameplay session.

Hopefully, these tips helped you solve the black screen issues in King's Bounty 2. Check out our other King's Bounty 2 guides here on GameSkinny.


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Published Aug. 25th 2021

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