Digimon World Next Order Digivolution Guide

Check this guide for all the info you need on digivolution in Digimon World: Next Order!

Digimon World Next Order lets you "digivolve" your Digimon partners into stronger ones. As you digivolve, you will unlock multiple branches you could change into and could drastically change how your Digimon fights.

I'm going to explain just how digivolution works in this game as well as some things you will want to know to make the process much easier.

This guide will go over everything about Digivolution in Digimon World Next Order including:

  • Digivolution Basics - How digivolving works and the different levels you can reach.
  • Digivolution Dojo and Tips - How to make digivolving easier.

Digivolution Basics

As your Digimon gain stats and age, they will digivolve. What they digivolve into is determined by their stats -- and when is determined by their current from. There are 6 forms your Digimon can go through:

  • In-Training I - This is the baby form you initially pick.
  • In-Training II - This is the first thing it digivolves into, which can also be seen when you pick your Digimon.
  • Rookie - This is the first form it digivolves into that can be changed by the stats. 
    • This happens around age 1 if you meet the minimum key points required for 1 of the choices.
  • Champion - This happens around age 3 if key points are met
  • Ultimate - This happens around age 7 if key points are met.
  • Mega - This is the final form that happen around age 10 if key points are met.

Key Points

Every Digimon you can digivolve into has certain key points, or stats, that must be reached before they can digivolve. If you don't meet the minimum number required, you won't digivolve.

Any of these points can be HP, MP, STR, WIS, STA, SPD, Bonds, Discipline, Weight, Training Failures, Victories, or Key Digimon.

digimon world next order digivolution

Discipline can be raised or lowered depending on how you react to Communication opportunities. Praising when they do something good, or scolding when they do something bad, will raise Discipline. Doing the opposite will lower discipline.

Training Failures are basically not taking care of them. Not letting them use the bathroom and forcing them to train when they are sleepy will all cause a training failure. Some evil Digimon like Beelzamon have multiple training failures as one of their key points.

Key Digimon are just having a certain Digimon.

At first you won't know what the key points are, or how many you need. Every time you get a communication opportunity, be sure to either praise or scold. This will unlock 1 or more of the key points needed. If the key point is light blue, that means you completed it.

If you want to look ahead of time at the requirements, Reddit and Gamefaqs collaborated to make a spreadsheet.

Digivolution Dojo and Tips

If your Digimon has reborn once or twice, you will notice that you usually fulfill multiple Digimon key points as soon as you digivolve. This causes your Digimon to randomly digivolve into any of the choices.

This can be frustrating, but the digivolution dojo fixes that! This can be unlock at the beginning of chapter 2 by recruiting Grapleomon and has multiple upgrades/Digimon that can add to it.

Other Digimon to recruit that help the dojo include:

  • Paildramon in Inlet cape - Opens DNA digivolution.
  • Antylamon in Guts Waste - Helps you find out key points.

Check out my digivolution dojo guide for more details.


The game is a balancing act, plus the Tamer skills you get help a lot.

I suggest not worrying about what your Digimon digivolve into until you get the first upgrade for the digivolution dojo.

digimon world next order digivolution blocks

If you want to power up your Digimon, I suggest getting the Tamer skills that increase parameters when digivolving and from training.

Also, make sure you recruit Kabuterimon so you can upgrade the training equipment. This will allow you to get more stats when you train.

That's all you need to know about digivolution in Digimon World Next Order. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Published Feb. 7th 2017

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