How to Beat the Final Stage in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance

Lord Vez'nan wants control of the kingdom in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. The final level is no joke, but this guide can help evil get the advantage.

Ironhide Game Studio lets players take control of the bad guys for the first time in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. As Lord Vez'nan, the goal is to take down King Denas whose kingdom was defended in the previous games in the series.

As one would expect from a Kingdom Rush game, the final level of Kingdom Rush: Vengeance tests a player's endurance while throwing in something unconventional. This guide will break down the last stage wave-by-wave with advice on how to take down King Denas and to claim the kingdom for evil. 

Good To Be Bad

The final level of Kingdom Rush: Vengeance has 18 waves, which is three more than previous levels. It's also split into two stages with the stage one being the first eight waves and stage two comprised of the following 10 waves.

For stage one, players will receive 1,5000 gold to build towers along three paths and will have to defend only two of them. The ideal towers to use will be a mix of ranged, melee, magic and artillery towers. Damage takes priority over crowd control in this final level as enemies will need to be hit hard and quickly.

This final level will also be the first time when players will have to deal with a constant stream of damage from enemy archers on the wall on the left. To help with that, Lord Vez'nan is on the right and available to unleash a magic spell that will take down one-hit kill most enemies. This is a strong attack that has an average cooldown time so make use of it as much as possible.

Tower Placement

Ranged towers should be placed at the spots next to the entryways for the enemies as well as the goal in order to land some hits right when they enter the path and leave it. Shadow Archers are ideal considering their damage and range, but Goblirangs can also work although they fire a little slower than the archers.

For melee towers, get them next to the ranged towers at the goal so they can hold off enemies about to cross the line leading to reduced hearts. It's also helpful to place one or two melees at the corners where they can be moved to guard multiple paths. Go with Elite Harassers as their ranged attacks are helpful in taking down flying enemies that sneak through the previous towers. 

Magic towers should be used as much as possible since there are a few enemies that can only take damage from magic, and the towers can take down flying troops. Orc Shamans deal heavy magic damage, but Infernal Mages can also work. As for artillery towers, place them near melees since ground troops can delay enemies causing them to pool up leading to a great damage zone. Stick with Rocket Riders to blast those groups of enemeis. 

Wave 1 

Recruits, Footmen and Troop Captains will make up the first wave. Since the original 1,500 gold will be just enough to pay for all the towers, use the gold gained in this wave to upgrade melee towers first so they will be able to hold their own against the enemies.

Wave 2 

Along with the previously mentioned enemies, stronger troops such as the Arcana Magnus, Shieldbearers and Musketeers will start showing up. Make use of Demon Goonies and Ultimate Skills to take down Musketeers who will keep their distance from melee fighters.

Wave 3

Watchdogs will start showing up in this wave via the third path. By now, most towers would be at least at level 2. As long as you're not overwhelmed, the doggies should fall quickly. 

Wave 4

The last new enemy troop will show up in this wave. War Wagons are heavy-duty troops carriers. Troops will come out of the wagon as it makes its way down the path, and it takes a lot of damage to take one down. Gryphon Bombardiers and Elven Rangers will also show up so level up the magic and ranged attack towers to take both down as they will absolutely punish melee towers.

Wave 5

This is the heavy-duty wave. Shieldbearers, Paladins and Cavaliers will be the focus. Magic and artillery towers will do the most damage while melee towers will help slow the troops down.

Wave 6 

War Wagons, Footmen, Gryphons and Shieldbearer will come through during this wave with nothing particularly special. By now, all the towers should be fully upgraded.

Wave 7 

High Sorcerers will debut at this point. Not only are they riding monsters that require a ton of damage to take down. They will also randomly transform your melee troops into sheep, which will head towards the goal.

Wave 8 

During this final wave of the first stage, all previous enemies will make an appearance with more coming via the third path so be prepared.

Once all enemies are defeated, a cutscene will occur in which Lord Vez'nan will destroy the wall. This screen will then transition to the left to start stage two.

Beat Down the King 

The second stage will have four paths and the same amount of spots for towers. Players will have 2,000 gold to start which is more than enough build all the towers needed as well as start upgrading them. 

Like in the previous stage, there is a constant attack coming from the enemy. This time around, artillery cannons will target your towers. When attacked, towers will start to burn and will be unavailable. They can be repaired right away for a price of 125 gold. Because of this, it's important to have a couple hundred gold available to repair towers. Lord Vez'nan will be off to the right again with a spell available to take down enemy troops.

Tower Placement

The tower strategy for stage two of the final level is similar to the first especially since you will not be able to switch up towers between stages. Keep ranged towers near the entryways and the goal with melees nearby. The only real difference in this section is the four plots near the enemy gate. Most enemies, especially heavily armored enemies, will come through the gate, which makes this spot prime real estate for magic towers. 

Wave 9 

Recruits, Footman and Musketeers will make up the troops in this wave. Spend this wave getting gold to upgrade towers and get used to the timing of the canons that will destroy your towers.

Wave 10

Hunting Eagles will start appearing in this wave along with High Sorcerers. As long as ranged and magic towers have been upgraded, the birds should not be much trouble.

Wave 11 

Devoted Priests begin showings up in this wave so use the Demon Goonies to get at them or else deal with extra shielded troops.

Wave 12 

War Wagons return in this wave so make sure towers are upgraded for some big damage. Elven rangers also start showing up in this wave.

Wave 13-18

All the enemy troops will appear throughout these waves. As long as you upgrade towers quickly and repair them, it should be easy to make your way through the next five waves without much issue.


Once the last enemy is killed, another cutscene will take place. Lord Vez'nan will summon a giant monster to destroy King Denas' castle door. At the same time, a knight of the king will show up and drink a potion that will cause it to grow in size.

It's at this point that the final wave will take place, but with a different goal. A meter will appear at the top of the screen indicating how close the monster is to the gate. The new super-sized knight will block the monster's way while enemy troops will still travel down the four paths. Players will have to fend off enemies while at the same time doing as much damage as possible to the knight. To win, the monster will have to reach the gate or two of these giant knights will have to be defeated.


Once done, Lord Vez'nan will take his place as king and the credits will roll. Congratulations, you finished Kingdom Rush: Vengeance and will be treated to a cliffhanger for the next game in the series.


Published Dec. 14th 2018

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