Bravely Default: Ninja Job Guide

Do you want to avoid attacks? Want to hit enemies before they even know what's happening? Check out this Ninja Job Guide for Bravely Default!

Ninjas strike from the shadows and are incredibly slippery characters. They move fast and can almost always avoid being hit. This is good because they don't have a lot of defense. Come with me as I teach you how to master the art of Ninjutsu.

This guide will cover everything about Ninja including:

  • Unlocking Ninja: How to unlock the job.
  • Equipment Guide: What they use, and the optimal equips.
  • Ability List: What level they get them.
  • Cross Job Tips: Which jobs fit well with Ninja.
  • Special Moves: Which are best suited for Ninja.
  • Combat Tips: Being most effective in battle.

Unlocking Ninja

You unlock Ninja by defeating Kikyo in chapter 3.

  • After taking Egil to Caldisla, go to the mansion in Hartschild to watch the cut scenes.
  • Talk to everyone, then go to the front door to trigger another cut scene.
  • Go to the cellar once you get the key, then a battle will start after the scenes.

Equipment Guide

Ninjas have an S aptitude for Daggers. They also have a B aptitude for Katanas.


  • Get items that raise Physical attack as much as possible.
  • I wouldn't go out of my way to get Evasion because of an ability they have to automatically evade.


  • Use Katana Lore support ability from Swordmaster, then dual-wield Katanas.

Ability List

Ninjas have the Dual Wield Specialty.

  • Dual Wield - Allows the user to keep 100% of weapons' Physical Attack when holding a weapon in each hand.

Level 1

  • Shippujinrai - Physical attack that does the same damage as a normal attack, but attacks at the start of a turn.

Level 2

  • Transience - Support ability that automatically counters an attack when evaded with the same damage as normal attack.

Level 3

  • Evade 10% Up - Support ability that raises Evasion by 10%.

Level 4

  • Utsusemi - Evades one physical attack 100%.

Level 5

  • Comeback Kid - Support ability that raises Physical and Magic Attack by 25% for 3 turns with each physical attack evaded. The limit is 150%.

Level 6

  • Ikkikasei - Raises the number of attacks by 100% for that turn. The limit for Hit Count is 200%.

Level 7

  • Cleave - Support ability gives you a chance to do an extra attack after defeating a target with a normal attack.

Level 8

  • Evade 20% Up -Support ability that raises Evasion by 20%.

Level 9

  • Shunshin -Raises Evasion to max for 6 turns. The limit is 150%

Level 10

  • Kairai - Forces all enemies' single target attacks to attack the selected target for that turn.

Level 11

  • Dual Wield - Allows you to use the Ninja's Specialty on other Jobs.

Level 12

  • Kakuremi - Support ability that lowers the chance of being targeted to the lowest level possible for 5 turns.

Level 13

  • Evade 30% Up - Support ability that raises Evasion by 30%.

Level 14

  • Frenetic Fighting - Support ability that raises the limit on the number of attacks from 16 to 32.

Cross Job Tips

The Ninja is a great damage dealer, and good support for a tank.

  • Swordmaster gives Katana Lore. This will give you the best damage with Katanas.
  • Red Mage is great for their Turn Tables support ability. This raises BP by 1 when evading an attack. They also have Adrenaline, which raises BP by 1 every time you defeat an enemy.
  • Monks are good if you want a Physical Attack increase that won't take up many slots.
  • Vampires have Bloodlust, which raises all attack and defense each time you defeat an enemy.


Special Moves


  • Level 1 - Default 5 times.
    • Moonshadow- Attacks one enemy and inflicts Stop. Raises Physical Attack for all allies.
  • Level 2 - Default 10 times.
    • Breaking Wave - Attacks all with Water. Raises Crit Rate for all allies.
  • Level 3 - Default 15 times.
    • Petal Swirl - Attacks one enemy. Raises Speed for all allies.

Combat Tips

If you want the most effective Ninja, then level Swordmaster to 3, Red Mage to 7, Monk to 9, and Vampire to 4.

  • Use the Comeback Kid and Transience support abilities of Ninja.
  • Use the Turn Tables support ability from Red Mage and Katana Lore from Swordmaster.
  • You can choose between either Bloodlust from Vampire, Adrenaline from Red Mage, or Physical Attack 10% Up from Monk.
  • With this support, you can use Utsusemi to automatically evade one attack. This gives you an automatic attack increase and extra BP.
  • After that, you can keep using Utsusemi and attack on the same turn, continually raising your attack and BP.
  • If you have a tank or someone using Swordmaster counterattacks, you can use Kairai to force the enemy to attack them. This will make sure they can always counter attack.

If you have any questions or suggestions of other ways to use Ninja, let me know in the comments. For more tips and guides to Bravely Default, check my Master Guide List.

Guide Editor

After gaming for 25 years, Synzer leveraged his vast knowledge of RPGs and MMOs into a job as a games journalist, covering the games he loves. Five years later, he's still writing about Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, and Knights of the Old Republic. Synzer has a bachelor's degree in English and creative writing. You can see him in action on his YouTube channel ( and Twitch (

Published Feb. 17th 2014
  • PsychoWolf_9742
    The ninja has the highest potential for DPS depending on how the party is built, the Ninja can hit eight times every turn for up to 9,999 damage at max level. that's a max of 79,992 damage PER TURN for up to two ninjas.
    Here's the setup:
    Char#1 Ninja/Time Mage
    Needs Frenetic Fighting, Hawkeye, Precision
    (Ninja 14) (Rangers 12,13)
    Char#2 Ninja/Time Mage
    Needs Frenetic Fighting, Hawkeye, Precision
    (Ninja 14) (Rangers 12,13)
    Char#3 Spiritmaster/WhiteMage
    Recommend Holy One, Steady MP Recover, Healing Lore
    (Spiritmaster 9) (Conjurer 2) (Salve-Maker 9)
    Char#4 Performer/Freelancer
    Need Hasten World, Maximize HP
    (Time Mage 14) (Spiritmaster 14)

    Abilities to use for setup (first Turn)
    Ninjas- Brave! Shunshin, Kakuremi
    Performer- Brave! Catch Me!, Once More For you (aim this at the spiritmaster)
    Spiritmaster- Stillness

    Second Turn
    Ninjas- hit themselves twice in face with the Quick Spell (Time) to bring hit count up to 200% (max)
    Performer- Love Power
    Spiritmaster- Use your own judgement, Elemental Ward, Enigma and Curaga will be your best friends fighting bosses. Just make sure to keep a solid stock of Ether

    Third and every other turn until the enemy is a pile of soaking mush
    Spiritmaster: See above. You'll want this character (preferably Agnes) to always be healing and buffing.
    Performer Brave four times, then use My Hero once and mimic three times.
    This and the Hasten World give every Character six BP per turn, while the Performer gets 4 (spends 2 to use My Hero) The Ninjas can't put all of that to use, but your Spiritmaster will be grateful for it, especially considering the fact that the bosses all get an extra BP per turn.
    Ninjas Brave! Brave! Brave! Brave! ATAAAAAACK!!! ...not even kidding.

    Notes... There are other variations of this and at any given point I HIGHLY recommend pausing the cycle with Stillness (Spiritmaster) and rebuffing, reviving, restoring, and resetting to begin RePwning. Try to keep the enemy attention on the performer (there's a reason we use Maximize HP and Catch Me, and it isn't to preserve the characters' facial structure) (BTW, I recommend Ringabel for this role)
    * The fights you will have the most trouble with are any where a Boss has a Two Shot Abilty that:
    Shot One: Strips buffs and/or applies weakness
    Shot Two: Massive party-wide elemental damage
    In these fights, using this strategy... masochist's dream. You'll get hit by both shots each turn, don't expect a large life expectancy, change your tactics and party, you won't win, or you can, after who knows how many Reraises and Revives.

    Worst comes to worst, keep the enemy locked with Stillness and hit it every other turn with eight nice little Shippujinrai (Ninja attack at start of turn) before Stillness kicks in for the next two turns and turtle it up. Cheap, but effective, provided your Spiritmaster has a higher speed than the enemy.
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    Very nice. When I did this guide, I had not yet tried out Time Mage as a subclass and I can see how helpful the abilities are to many classes.
  • Rango the Mercenary
    Can you tell me which job command is most effective to use with Ninja?
  • sonic88jr of Gamefaqs.com_7238
    another suggestion for set up would be turn tables, comeback kid, Transience, counter amp and sword magic amp while equiped with two kunai and magic sword for secondary job class command, the Kunai(27 power and 20 EVA Boost) can be swapped out for Yatagarasu(40 Power and 25 EVA Boost) later in the game to keep the high evade while increasing the damage output, but with this set up is made more so for elemental countering or head on attacking enemies with obvious weakness, i've seen this set up easily produce a minimal of 4000 damage on counters in boss fights when used correctly with two kunai equiped, and since items can be carried over into the New game+ mode, by your third playthrew you should have two Yatagarasu.
  • SpearOfLies
    Counter amp work good with ninja because transience is a counter abiity
    Counter amp+transience+turn tables+comeback kid+karai= bye bye physical single target enemy or boss.

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