ArcheAge - Upgrading to The Ultimate Glider

Upgrading to an Ultimate Glider is easier than you might think.

Gotten your Experimental Glider and want to make it better? Upgrading your glider in ArcheAge is surprisingly easy, provided you have the Labor Points to complete the work.

The Experimental Glider you're given during a quest can be upgraded in tiers, each of which being affordable and not having a minimum Carpentry requirement. The only issue for free to play users is each upgrade costs 25 Labor Points, which equals to being logged in for 25 minutes.

Founders who purchased the $50 and $100 packs will find this information especially useful, due to their 10 Labor Points per five minute regen and the fact the Ultimate Glider is exponentially better than the Founder's Experimental Glider.

Upgrading all the way up to the Ultimate Glider will cost only 1 Gold 75 Silver, and a total of 75 Labor Points. You can begin upgrading at level 10. Details on which levels you can upgrade are detailed with the prices below.

Glider stats

Each of the upgrades has its own stats, though they simply get better through each tier.

Experimental Glider

Flight Speed: Low
Gliding Ability: Low
Turning Speed: Low
Initial Speed: Low
Improved Glider

Flight Speed: Moderate
Gliding Ability: Low
Turning Speed: Low
Initial Speed: Low
Enhanced Glider

Flight Speed: Moderate
Gliding Ability: Low
Turning Speed: Moderate
Initial Speed: Moderate
Ultimate Glider

Flight Speed: High
Gliding Ability: High
Turning Speed: Moderate
Initial Speed: Moderate

Getting the plans

The plans for each glider upgrade can be purchased on Mirage Isle, which can be entered via vorpal gates found in every nation. Once in Mirage Isle, head to the Glider Designs area.

Each of the following four designs can be purchased here:

  1. Experimental Glider Design (5 Silver)
  2. Improved Glider Design (Min. level 10) (25 Silver)
  3. Enhanced Glider Design (Min. level 15) (50 Silver)
  4. Ultimate Glider Design (Min. level 20) (1 Gold)

Once you've done this, find your way to a Carpentry Workbench (there are none on Miracle Isle) to upgrade to first upgrade to the Improved Glider. If you have the Labor Points available, you can upgrade straight to the Enhanced and Ultimate Gliders with no trouble.

If you threw away your Experimental Glider

If a lack of foresight caused you to toss your terrible Experimental Glider in the trash, don't worry: You can craft a new one with no Carpentry experience.

In order to craft a new Experimental Glider you will need:

  • Experimental Glider Design
  • 5 Lumber
  • 3 Leather
  • 3 Fabric
  • 2 Iron Ingot

As with the upgrades, this can be crafted at a Carpentry Workbench. You can upgrade this just as you would the one given to you early in the game.

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Published Sep. 17th 2014
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