Babylon's Fall: How to Get Money (Conches) Fast

Conches are the main currency in Babylon's Fall, so you'll want to rack up as many as you can.

Nobody can blame you for wanting to get money fast in Babylon's Fall. Conches are just one currency in the game, and are the ones you're mostly going to be focused on for upgrades.

So how do you get money fast without stressing it too much? Read on to find out.

How to Get Conches in Babylon's Fall

Your primary way of finding Conches is by simply exploring the levels you play through. Glowing orange orbs scattered across the level are Conches, and you can often find formations of breakable crystals that contain even more.

Treasure chests tucked away will often contain some Conches, along with a variety of equipment. It's good to note as well that any Conches picked up by other players will also still go to you. 

Your other best method for gaining Conches is by selling almost anything and everything you get as a reward. Every mission you complete will give you a dozen or more pieces of equipment as a reward, but you don't need to keep it all.

You can press X on each item to select it or deselect them, and all selected items will be automatically sold when you move on from the completion screen. Feel free to keep armor and weapons you want, but selling extra pieces is going to be a fantastic way of earning some extra money. 

Finally, Conches can be gained as daily login rewards, so the more you play the more you're likely to get. Now that you've got all your hands on that money you can head to Pygmalion's Exchange (just look for the big red tent) and use them to purchase equipment, cosmetics, and more. You can also sell extra items there to make more money. 

How to Get Garaz in Babylon's Fall

Garaz is the second form of currency in Babylon's Fall, and you might be wondering how to get your hands on some when you see the Garaz shop at The Exchange.

Unfortunately, the only way to get Garaz is with real-world money through microtransactions. Luckily all the items available in the Garaz shop are cosmetic, so you won't be missing out on equipment. Here are how the Garaz prices break down. 

  • 300 Garaz - $2.99
  • 1000 Garaz - $9.99
  • 2000 Garaz - $18.99
  • 3000 Garaz - $28.99
  • 5000 Garaz - $44.99
  • 10,000 Garaz - $89.99

Currently, larger cosmetics seem to run around 1500 Garaz, while smaller ones run about 500. Make sure to check back with GameSkinny for even more tips and guides on Babylon's Fall


Published Mar. 8th 2022

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